Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Novella Royale Fringed Bags

I firmly believe that the highest compliment I have ever been payed is the assumption that I had Native American heritage, and while that fact is untrue that doesn't mean I can't take advantage of that fact and play on it in my personal style right? Now, if I had the money I would be all over thick fringing jackets in leather with a lot of studs and I have learnt of a great site that sells vintage pieces but since I'm mean, I won't share the address and risk more people competing for gorgeous clothes and accessories. One of the brands they happened to stock was Novella Royale which makes bags of soft buttery leather in all sorts of shades and turns them into new beautiful beasts complete with tassels and studs. The hanging tassels on the bottom of this first satchel reminds me of old Deadly Ponies designs where they hung fluffy dangling bits made of wool instead.

There's rarely colour or anything other than studs added to the bags soconsider yourself lucky getting to see the black chain and braided thread in purple supporting a lofty black feather. I like the neat square cur pieces of leather used for the body of this bag- it's sort of countered by the dangling charms and black paint dipped chain which adds a quirky effect to the bag.

For a night bag with sass and gorgeous tassel effect look no further than the 'Ash small fringe handbag' with a choice of seven different colours at your finger tips. I wouldn't recommend wearing a leather skirt or shorts when sporting this bag, it may be considered a bit like overkill but a loose crochet top with singlet underneath and maybe some denim cut-off shorts would look good. Or in all it's black and gory glory you could wear a sweet blouse and skirt combination and wear the bag to add some attitude to your outfit. I wouldn't mind getting this black beauty myself... if I had an extra spare $450 lurking around. Otherwise I might go for an Alexander Wang bucket bag from online or something similar.

A small clutch with removable long crossbody chain and removable short shoulder chain. fringe detail with large studs on from and back. Inside pocket, organic cotton lining.

For a student undertaking a small fashion degree or TAFE course making your own leather clutch like this one might be a fun project. All you need to do is source some similar pieces of leather from your local second hand shops, undo the stitching and make your clutch to size with say a cotton lining underneath and something thick on the outside. You could use a leather exterior and then stitch the tassel panels on top of that or just find something thick and durable. The simple clutch design isn't very demanding in terms of structure so that would certainly be the least of your worries and once you found a strong and sturdy sewing machine capable of entrapping leather, it's only a matter of time before you too can create something like this Penny clutch from the Novella Royale shop and save yourself a $395.

For a little piece of vintage charm more suited to those of us who live for the daylight and not the night there's more colours of the sweet Ash small fringe handbag which features three large and chunky golden studs. I like their placement of the studs and making them look more like a pyramid than a square which goes well with the added golden chain to sling over your shoulder. For comfort and a little strength Novella Royale has even thought to include a leather shoulder pad to prevent the chain from digging in to your skin. How kind.

If the bags were at a more affordable price and maybe there was a little more size available for these Ash handbags I would get one but I can list at least ten other bags I have on my mind at the moment that are much cheaper from my store, online as well as on eBay. I can only make do with what I can being a poor student but maybe I can enroll myself in a small TAFE course. It would be good to be able to make things for myself and even run a small market stall. But that will always be but a small pipe dream and I know deep down in my heart I will be always on the consumer end of the market stall table.

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