Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nick Von K: See you There

Although all the Nick Von K collections features skulls, the traditional motif for death and mortality, 'See you There' exckusively features skulls as well as other designs which evoke the tone and mood of the passing from this life to the next. Could 'See you There' be a phrase spoken between two fond friends on there death beds and refer to the next life after this one? Possible, this little theory of mine is nothing bu speculation and hearsay. While there is no confirmation of this, it's the best I can do really in light of the little information offered regarding eaach collection but while I am trying to cover as much information as possible about collection and designer, I will include this extract of biography information about how Nick Von K's jewellery came about and evolved to what it is:

I've been after a cow skull necklace for the last few weeks and I have to say, the hairline cracks which represent temporarl lines and separate one lobe from another. The carving of the nasal cavity and the combination of a brass skull with silver horns and thick, partially oxidised chain is a dream to me.

Jewellery has been in my blood since the mid 90's.
My break came when I started working on seasonal ranges for Ricochet in 98. I produced a costume accessory range of 20-30 pieces every 6 months.
In this work, I developed creative design processes that led to the current debut of the Nick Von K range.
I continue to design for Ricochet and the ‘Nick Von K for Ricochet’ range is now available at Ricochet stores throughout New Zealand.
Life, death, and imagination infuse the Nick Von K range. Detailed, hand-carved semi-precious stones, deer antler, and mammoth tusk are mounted on precious metal necklaces, bracelets and rings.
Nick Von K was launched at Shed 9 in Auckland on 16th September 2010.

The carved detail on this small, pounamu skull which has a smaller length of 1.5cm, (mainy of the other designs come at 3cm length, twice the size of this pint-sized beauty) on a 45cm stg silver chain. It's just the right size and has a cute little carved and polished look to it, the detail on the eye sockets, gnarled teeth and nose aren't threatening at all, I quite look the endearing look.

The neat and sharp looking elongated beak of this carved birds skull in obsidian looks rather life like inckuding some of the smallest details in the beak and eye sockets- but I don't find it threatening at all, as long as there aren't small children in the area. Last night I saw a fantastic collared shirt dress in a maxi length that's floaty, light and breezy. It reminds me a little of Scrooge from A Christmas Carol and combining that dress with the necklaces from Nick Von K's range would be a staple outfit for the university bound in the coming year.

Hand carved crystal skull on 75cm stg silver chain.
Available in assorted stones (rose quartz pictured) and sizes :
(small - $265)
(medium - $275)
(large - $325)
This larger skull has a translucent effect, I think the rose quartz has been lighted using harsh studio lights anad effected the colour as wll as the opaque nature of the stone. I was tempted to buy one of these larger Nick Von K skull necklaces but the price range isn't exactly easy-going and I need to sparingly share around my earnings from my Summer casual job.
For an extra thirty dollars NZ, you can add a beautifully crafted galleon to your small pounamu skull measuring 1.5cm and on the same 45cm Sterling silver chain. Though I am wary of the two pieces scratching together, you could easily remove the galleon from this necklace and separate the two charms for a layered effect. I love the old architectural peices add to the necklaces and skulls to individualise their looks, for example the skull with a monocle is named 'The Archaelogist" and other looks given to the gory skulls includes a turban made of a snake and a swish top hat.

Hand carved deer antler skull with coiled snake on 75cm stg silver chain.

As well as using semi-precious stones as well as silver as part of their design, Nick Von K also dabbles in using animal materials such as deer antler and even mammoth tusk. I'm reassured by the fact that deer naturally drop their antlers every season and they can be harvested without harming the animals. The scale details alongside the coiled body of the snake sitting atop the skull once again rekindles me love affair with snakes. Their scaly designs used in this brand makes me feel an odd fondness for the reptilian beasts.


  1. Where can I find that bull skull necklace?

  2. Carly, Walker & Hall sell them.

  3. Also available on the Nick Von K website