Sunday, January 15, 2012


After posting something about pink cigarettes, I think I'll stick to something I actually know about such as photographing ones face close-up on the macro setting as well as light pink and wildly bright yellow fluroescent colours. I'd love to find a lipstick that looked as good on me as this bright pink and pastel coloured shade- but I've got a different complexion and if anyone saw me wearing such a shade I think I'd be laugh out of whatever building I was in.

Coming soon to Alice Euphemia, one of my favourite boutiques within the CBD of Melbourne is a neon yellow dress with pleats at the back as well as a neat and prim collar at the top. I have no idea when I would ever wear such an eye-catching dress and maybe it's more suited for blonds and red-heads but the shoes have nailed me and I'd love a dress like this to layer up in Winter and really show off my legs. It's by a brand by the name of Ellison and is available now to pre-order when it launches in preparation for Autumn/ Winter 2012 collections in Australia. I can't wait to see it in store.

I don't know the identity of the model shown here but I dig her style- matching pink hair with matching pink lipstick, as well as rocking bare legs (possibly hidden under a pait or tiny shorts or dress), Dr Marten boots and a Beavis and Butthead sweatshirt. I don't even mind the dark regrowth at the top of her head, it adds character as well as the thinned out and uneven shades of pink in her hair created by the gentle curls.

I got inspired by this photograph of thick chained jewellery in hot pink and yellow and it all sort of got-out-of-hand from there. I don't regret anything though because although the jewellery shown here may be cheap and plastic looking but at least I have something to amuse myself, write about as well as a theme to collect photographs of. I'm quite envious of the pink chain wrapped continously around her neckline in a gorgeous nu wave draping style. It really brightens up her dark her and black jumper- I could do with such a necklace when I want to wear all black as well. I love the model's long hair tied down in two plaits and while the syle to me seems too much like a school girl I think the look can be then dressed down with a beanie or a cap over the top.

I've been lusting after various Polaroid 600 cameras and I think if I managed to get my hands on one of these bad boys I would blow a gasket. I can only think of some vague and dark looking film photographs of this camera behind glass cases. I'm glad I've finally seen a closer photograph of this rare Polaroid camera- but I really want to know where I can buy it as well! The Impossible Project which heave breathed new life into Polaroid cameras and film may sell a boxed set but at a hefty price as well.

Despite the sheer kooky nature of this photograph and everything in it- I love it. There's pink hair in a soft, candy cotton hue as well as a pink faux fur fox tail used as her bag charm. I wish Australia celebrated Halloween more so I could wear some costumes and take interesting photographs! This is the best photograph I could find that used neon green as well as fluorescent pink, as tastefully as possible. That is actually a lot harder than you first might think.

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