Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magazines in Summer

The passion! The vibrant colours! My bookcase is crammed with over thirty issues of Vogue, Frankie and Russh as well as the Kodak Encyclopedia of Photography. Now normally I respect the art and effort so many people put in to create magazines and I leave them as they are but sometimes if I borrow old Vogue issues from the library I can't help but take out a page. I've only ever done that with one page thought and to be honest it's one of my favourites. At the moment I'm trying to put together a scrapbook and place some clippings together, motivated by my love for online publishing. Something was missing though- during the school year of 2011 I wrote some fifteen pages of questions and homework a day and though that did give me a hell of a blister I'm all better. But I want to get back into my dangerous grind of writing and having neat handwriting again. I'm also tempted to borrow a whole heap of books on art stuff as well as calligraphy to further this progress.

Frankie is one of my new favourite magazines along with Russh, and I wouldn't mind having a few copies of Oyster on my bookcase as well. Although all those magazines are issued bi-monthly rather than monthly there's also a wealth of information online to keep readers updated with the hottest trends and their issues are refined- there's nothing slapped together and the issues only hit the shelves when they're perfect. I like that about them and I wouldn't have half minded becoming a writer or working on a magazine in  past life but my course is set and I'm firmly going to study science in my life and hopefully become a veterinarian or marine biologist. That doesn't mean I'll give up writer though, I hope it will always be a firm hobby that I love.

Summer spreads for magazines are always such a treat, or when the resort collections for fashion houses are released and the September issue for Vogue is extra meaty and thick. Pictured above is model Rachel Rutt, one of my favourites for her exotic look but delicate features and the way she can be dressed up so easily. I love the setting of a green pool as well as the dramatic blue and red clothing. While I'm not too sure what magazine this came from I love the use of playful prints and how the backdrop for the photo shoot was an intrinsic part of the styling.

I've got a lot to learn when it comes to personal styling and outfit posts- rather than concentrating solely on clothing there's make-up as well to consider and more important, accessories. There's the quirky little carrot brooch just nestled between the swimming bikini as well as long dangling banana earrings and the subtle positioning of the hand attracts you to another large piece of plastic in bright colours no less. Posing for a model seems so complicated when watching Top Model and the way they have to think about using their lighting and what's most flattering for their body. It must be easier to have someone choose what you wear and how you're appearance will look like, especially when you're as lovely and easy to model as Rachel Rutt who makes me ache with envy whenever I see her.

These days it's not comforting to see skinny bodies being embodied as sexy and the pressure of trying to be as perfect as Barbie, something I would like to see considered by magazines when they shoot their editorials more, especially in magazines such as Frankie and Russh. Those are slightly more accessible and maybe willing to see reason ofremoving pressure from generations of young girls who may be prone to eating disorders and the power of negative thinking. As beautiful as this model is in black and white, the subtle shape of her hour glass figure and her visible ribs makes me feel just that little more subconscious especially when stripping down to a bikini in Summer.

I'd love to see a little more black and white photo shoots, although it is only useful when you know what the colour of the dresses are, in this case pure white cotton dresses as well as braided hair in a natural setting are channeling the hippy look powerfully. Even without colour I can also see the half dye in the models hair which makes me itching to try to dip-dye my ends blond. I'm just wary of how my boyfriend would respond as well as the impact on the health of my hair. Colouring is well and good but I want my length to be down to my waist before I'm ready for a real hair cut.

I must admit, I admire the stylist of this shoot who found four ensembles of clothing and strung them together in all white with very different structures and materials used as well. In my own little world I was a trendsetter wearing tennis socks at my school before it was done by other girls as well as wearing lots of rings and never getting told off. I was more commonly complemented on having painted nails and jewellery rather than told to remove it within my senior year of high school and I felt empowered and slightly 'above the law' or at least the daggy school rules.

I make no secret of my eclectic taste and I love statement pants and what could possibly be better than shiny sequins and scales on skinny jeans? Although I have never seen such a bombastic pair of pants before (maybe excluding a pair of coppery pink ones I never identified by brand) their worn with simple horizontal black and white stripes and dressed down nicely. It makes me believe that These jeans are also from one of my favourite Australian brands, Romance was Born! I thought I recognised the scallop detail in the sewing pattern...

After playing dress-ups in my American Apparel short-sleeved blouse in white I wouldn't mind wearing a lovely sun hat decorated in sheer daisies all over. Tomorrow my friends have proposed going on a picnic in a park I may have trouble getting to, but there's also 30% off all jewellery and up to 80% off clothing in an amazing store starting tomorrow at 9am. Decisions, decisions. I could do both but that would involved going to the park for the picnic with my store bought goodies and feeling embarrassed. I want to make sure I get first pickings on all the goodies and with up to 80%? I can't help but jump around the house while no one is around to watch me. I don't think I'll be able to make it on Friday either with an information session to go to for university and Saturday will be a mess for people who work weekdays. Tomorrow's my best chance and may or break time.

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