Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Wearing: American Apparel Fleece Cape, Vintage Embroidered Collar Shit and Vintage Crochet Black Jumper.

These photographs were taken at least a year ago and my hair has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of length but I still have my wonderful cape in my closet and refuse to sell it although it doesn't get a lot of wear these days. Maybe it can be something I wear fearlessly to university with leggings from Wowch? The colour seems a little brighter in these photographs due to the very minimal hint of yellow in the lights but the cape does have a bit of a darker hue to it.
I haven't worn this combination in a while but I do love the embroidered sleeves and collar on that vintage shirt- I wear it to all my job interviews and it's sort of lucky since I usually land the job when I do wear it. There's a bit of embroidered detail down the middle of the shirt as well but I think with the black crochet jumper over the top you can see the best of the stitch work. The red cape over the top just adds a splash of colour to the whole ensemble as well and matched my lipstick really well- but I've lost it since then.

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