Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lace and Pretty Things

I thought my last outfit post had been feminine enough to contend with some serious hipsters, but it appears there's a serious lack of lace within my wardrobe as well as sheer blouses. While I have recently acquired two lovely plain white shirts I find I'm really lacking in that department. One is a blouse with a Peter Pan collar and the other I have recently acquired is a long sleeved shirt made of thin cotton from the Alexa Chung and Madewell collaboration. So you see, I don't yet have anything lace really but there are some florals in my wardrobe but that's as girly as it gets. There's nothing furniture-wise either that has a lace allure of sheer effect to it, ever since I moved house when I was five I have been without curtains- something I may change when I move out.

The texture contrast between pink lipstick and the tulle of the curtains is utterly feminine and alluring. I'm itching for February to rear it's ugly head around, I've got my eye on ballerina platform shoes from Jeffrey Campbell and I think till I have them in my possession I won't rest till I get the money and my mind will be stuck on girly mode.

I'm in two minds really in terms of necklaces, maybe even three minds at the moment: when wearing Peter Pan collars that are simple such as the one pictured above I normally have a necklace but I'm sort of all over the place in terms of buying my next necklace. For one thing I still want a Nick Von K cow skull necklace in brass and silver while my mind is also on plastic rosary necklaces from Etsy and also vintage cameo necklaces. I'm at a crossroads between being devilish and like a ghoulish witch, or a vintage romantic. There's also a small part of me that wants to be a dork again, buy my clothes for cheap and have lots of them available.
With a great range of novelty and plastic kitsch buttons online to choose from, updating a cardigan or toggle coat is made easy when you find the right type of buttons; I'm in love with these skulls and the blackened detail around their eyes and mouth. It reminds me a lot of a plastic beaded bracelet made entirely of skulls as well as the Pamela Love for Opening Ceremony skull necklaces too. I really should make an entire outfits revolving around the theme of skulls- not that would be fun!

I tried to get in touch with my inner romantic yesterday which was a huge flop- the library I went to was so tiny and there weren't any books by Oscar Wilde and I really wanted to read Dorian Gray again, it's so beautifully written! I've been spending a lot of my time trying to prepare for university and organise my preferences for timetabling as well as clubs to join, orientation week activities, etc. In between I've been reacquainting myself with the world of vintage and tried to read this morning in bed with a candle burning but it finally burnt out.
I can't wait to be able to wear tights again when the weather turns a little colder since there's so many great and unusual prints out there! I love the idea of sheer tights with drawn motifs such as butterflies and doing it yourself DIY is quite achievable too. All you need to do is get a friend to wear some nude tights and to be able to draw the little butterflies in with fabric paints and wait for them to dry. I have some 'puff paints' myself that expand when heated using an iron but what's good about them is they have a nozzle allowing you to draw designs like a pencil. I hope I've given everyone some feminine and romantic things to think about!

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