Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kenzo Pre-Fall 2012

I've never been much of a fan of Summer, and seeing pre-fall collections from the likes of Chloe and Kenzo is driving me nuts! I love the chameleon coordination of dress and shoes- it's a very polished vintage style incorporating a dress with sharp collar as well as matching coat and even hat under one arm and gorgeous silk printed boots. Of everything from this first outfit, I love the boots the most. They'd look great with a plain wool cape and add colour and whimsy to any neutral outfit. A leather skirt with pleats would also be a winning combination in my book.

In the real world, yellow never looks as good as this but I suppose if you have the money to splash around, why not buy an entire wardrobe from Kenzo in canary yellow? I love printed and unique looking pants, while the shirt and pants are in the exact same print, the bomber jacket made to look like shaggy mohair has contrasting brown suede sleeves as well as dark brown/ black cuffs. I'm absolutely craving a bomber jacket right now, just to insure against the cold coming up and I wouldn't mind grabbing a pair of those chunky brogues with mustard yellow suede. The dark mustard yellow of the accessories such as the bag chain and shoes surprisingly matches the entire ensemble and quite well.
The dark blue and white pattern of the pants and matching reminds me a lot of Ming dynasty vases- it seems fitting I discover this mock oriental design on Chinese New Year, the year of the Dragon! Although the top and pants are made of the same material and pattern, the pants are tight fitting whereas the top is loose at the back and has chic elbow patches made in the opposite colours. I love elbow patches, it's very hard to see them done properly on garments on vintage and modern clothes alike.

The casual and cosy looking hooded jumper with loose hanging sleeves as well as thick colours reminds me a lot of a similar pattern from the New Zealand label Twenty Seven Names collection. There's definitely more diamonds and shapes incorporated into this pattern though and when comparing the two brands, Kenzo wins out every time for its longevity and prestige in the fashion world.

I can't wait till Winter when I'll splash out on a big woolen cape of a loose fitting coat. Currently I'm searching like a woman possessed for those types of clothes on Etsy at vintage prices and with feminine charm but if I had the money I wouldn't mind getting my hands on this Emerald green coat with contrasting dark blue buttons and colour blocking inserts. This would look great with a flannelet shirt underneath of maybe a tartan printed blouse or skirt. Ah, Winter and layering clothes. How I miss it so sorely.

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