Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Katzi in Rose Gold

I've really enjoying my Summer holidays this year and all the free time I've been left with to discover great new brands as well as rediscover some of my old favourites. I have seem the name Katzi before on the New Zealand fashion scene but it didn't really lock in till I was lusting after their rings in rose gold. Lately I've been seeing a lot more brass used in jewellery to give the look and shine of gold with a bit of a more stronger and yellow hint for the same price of silver- it's always good to see when a label will charge the same price for the same design just a different variation on a piece, which made me feel a little annoyed at Karen Walker for not simply gold plating and instead choosing to charge roughly one thousands dollars for their gold pieces while their silver is only one hundred or two hundred dollars. All the more heartbreaking since Karen Walker was my first great love for New Zealand labels.

Enough about the disappointment of last night, I spotted Katzi rings from one New Zealand online store and then tracked them down for cheaper at another, curiously it was only the rose gold pieces left. The copper hint to each of the rings from this collection is just right and with the option for stacker rings I am very tempted to buy myself both the thin and the thick pyramid rings, although being left to pick over the leftovers I wouldn't be able to wear both rings on the one finger in true stacker style but maybe a softened spike thumb ring is just what the doctor ordered?

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