Monday, January 30, 2012

Kate Moss

I never really considered Kate Moss to be anything special before I saw a few images of her here and there on Tumblr and I really do see a versatility in her facial expressions as well as a range of different characters for photo shoots. There's nothing extraordinary about her face and beauty but I suppose since she has the model's body and isn't border-line anorexic that's sort of beautiful too. I love the pictures from when she was young though, you can sort of tell the difference by the styles of backdrops behind her as well as the colour of her hair.

Her willingness to bare all sort of reminds me of photo shoots undertaken by Australians own, dear Abbey Lee Kershaw but there's really nothing as racy as this shot shown above. From watching Top Model I know they will wear skin tight bikini bottoms to save their grace but you have to admire Moss' tenacity and bravery to really bare all in this shot. She's got a body to die for in this photograph- it gives me a little something to aspire towards myself.

I don't even care that it might be a photo shop edit- I love wild colours for hair especially pink , and if I had the guts I would try it for myself right after my next trim or when I finally tidy up my ends myself. I was sitting in the auditorium for a little information session about the science faculty of my university and I released everyone has just varying shades of brown hair and it's so boring! I love the contrast of the woolly coat of pure white/ bone and Kate's hair. There's a lot of great vintage pieces made of the same material as her coat including a great handbag I've got my eye on, if only I had the money...

Snakes have never alarmed me, although my contact with them has always been in a controlled environment so they never posed a real threat to me- if I had a pet snake I'd love to try this little trick myself except with a bra on of course. The lighting is just perfect to curve around the contours of Kate's body and the bitten apple flesh matches the skin and colour of the snake perfectly. I guess the real trick is getting the snake to coil in just the right places and also flicker it's tongue- unless it's a fake one of course. You can see the ripples of muscle at the coiled ends near Kate's stomach though so it looks pretty real to me.

I've been aware of this photograph and it's cheeky sensuality for quite some time now, but it's only now that I appreciate the placement of a fully-clothed Jonny Depp on top of a naked Kate Moss. I suppose her disregard for clothing in some shoots is what has given her a name in modelling as well as the confidence she has in her own skin which every girl should have but when faced with a picture of a skinny model can make them feel subconscious instead.

It's the wild suggestion of a American Indian tribal headdress that reminds me a lot of shoots in which Australian model Abbey Lee has featured in- also the fantastically skinny bodies, lighting and bare chests help create the comparative illusion as well. These older photographs of Moss in her youth in which she's smiling and looks like she's laughing and carefree are some of the more beautiful modelling images in my opinion- while she's not staring down the barrel of the camera and looking fierce, for this shoot I think a more natural approach and facial expression was called for and needed.

Without the focus on her body, you can see an appreciable quality in Moss' face and those shiny white teeth and freckles across the bridge of her nose. If I can't have a perfectly stick thin body, I at least owe it to myself to have white and healthy teeth and look after that small aspect of my body.

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