Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Karen Walker Autumn/ Winter 2012

Come February and the launch of so many Autumn/ Winter collections in the Southern hemisphere, I am bound to be very poor. Not only am I awaiting the released of new Jeffrey Campbell shoes but there's also Karen Walker on the horizon which again incorporates loosely based psychedelic and floral prints as well as 1960s smock structures in their new collection. I don't wear blue in my day-to-day routine a lot of the time; when I was in primary school my uniform was blue shirt and blue shorts so I suppose it was a conscious decision to avoid the colours when at home and going out. However, it seems that wearing a blue dress, woolen jumper and bomber jacket in secondary school as well has been enough to deter me from that colour for a lifetime.

While Karen Walker's range is expensive and the dresses retail for some hundred dollars each, I will be eagerly awaiting the release of this shirt named 'Join Us' and adorned in a line of animal faced people. I suppose those figures loosely remind me of Olympia Le-Tan's studio and her own little animal/ human figures. The structure of the shirt is loose and the sleeves are low hanging as well- I like having that comfort in a shirt since I usually opt for buying a shirt a few sizes up anyway. I love the shoe and sock combination of bright navy blue, as well as the tan coloured laces. It goes well with the shirt, one of the few pieces featured here in this photo set to include a colour other than blue.

As well as clothing and apparel, I'm also hoping for more jewellery released, although my taste for gold means I would be shucking out an extra hundred dollars for something as glamorous but edgy as this razor blade necklace. 

A popular motif from the past few seasons of Karen Walker in jewellery and apparel alike is the cicada/ fly motif as seen on this sky blue Peter Pan collared dress. While the shirt dubbed 'Join Us' is the most likely piece of clothing I'll pick up from the collection, I would love to get my hands on a dress like this and, well, the entire outfit really! It would be great for a fashion blogger to wear to a fancy label event, maybe a tea party of luncheon interview about style and other fashion things.

Something a little more street-smart and savvy is this jumper covered in dot print and the slogan 'The American Girl'. I think the selling point for this outfit is the tiled head of the model as well as the large and sassy sunglasses. While the ruffled skirt in navy blue ties the shoes and sock together, the sweatshirt is very open to choice. I can think of another two, from Yookoo Gibraan and her Etsy store that could be worn in a similar manner but I do like the thick block writing of the font shown here. 

Although the collection seems to revolve around one colour pallet, certainly from this little bite-sized preview there's a range of styles in there dresses leaving your choices open when considering sleeves and the comfort of your clothes. Whether you wear sloppy Joe sweatshirts and jumpers or preppy blazers, those killer leather desert boots in navy blue and the polka dot socks are a winning combination- makes me want to find something of my own in maybe a more versatile colour combination.

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