Sunday, January 15, 2012

JWB1D Butterflies from Pigeonhole

Let me introduce to you, just some of my favourite picks from the online store, Pigeonhole! In a nutshell, Pigeonhole is like a smaller version of Etsy and sells home made and crafted items such as jewellery, bags, lots of gorgeous stationery and home wares. There's even Polaroid film made new by The Impossible Project and you're own vintage Polaroid 600 camera you can pick up. Today though I would like to focus your attention on products from JWB1D, in particular their butterfly brooches and earrings.

When I was but a child and didn't really understand the mechanism of coping with death and loss, I drew my Aunt a picture of a butterfly when her husband, my Uncle had died. I still have the thank you note she replied to me with even after all these years and it says "butterflies do cheer you up don't they?" I have a more emotional link with them and this past Summer I have chased more butterflies than I can count with a camera in hand to try to capture them on film. Their numbers seem to have exploded within recent weeks, I spotted five together in once place just yesterday.

There's butterflies of all shapes and sizes and in a few different colours as well if you had a favourite colour or preference. My favourite of the brooches is the large white brooch first pictured for the amount of detail and depth of the scales of the butterflies wings. The grainy lines fan out so naturally, I really like that quality about the brooch. There's not a lot of background information given on the Pigeonhole website, but what I can tell you is that all the butterfly pieces shown today are 50% off and that you can purchase them here.

It's been a long time since I wore a brooch and when I do wear one I tend to place it in the middle of my collar in a sort of a vague Victorian style. As beautiful as these wooden looking brooches are, I think I prefer the earrings myself although I can never remember to change my earrings when I go out and usually stick with the same studs I wear day-in day-out. These studs would look very cute when worn with hair pulled up in a bun and maybe a bandanna- I'm still sort of looking for something to wear with an ear cuff in the shape of a dragon but I'm prioritising that below over pretty things I want to buy.

It must be difficult if you were to make these shapes from wood, particularly for the bird wing butterfly which has two slender and different parts to its wings. The earrings only cost $14 AUD and the brooches are $17.50. with the 50% off discount so hop to it and snag a pair for yourself! If not for yourself, than either of the earrings or brooches would make a killer gift for a leading lady in your life be it your mother of sweetheart.

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