Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jewellery by Gala Curios

I feel a little bad about using such large format images for this post- but with the narrow size of the images I can adequately show you each detail of the gorgeous gold jewellery by Gala Curios which is full of dramatic conventions that for some reason remind me a bit of Italian opera. There's sharp lines of ruching of leather, fanning out as well as accordion type pleating effects in metal, resin pieces and tiny little golden hands used as clasps. It's all very dramatic and glamorous but the styling for the photo shoot of their pieces has taken a more romantic approach- I personally would have liked to see the use of glitter as well as masquerade masks but maybe that's something I'll have to demonstrate for myself and to you, dear reader.

The best thing about the dips and crevices within this accordion pleated style ring in gold is the way the metal shows off different characteristics as well as colours. While each sheet of the metal seems to have been melded together, as you can see the joins of each metal panel are very smooth and all this is attached to a thick banded gold ring. It's quite the statement ring, and not for those who fiddle and wear dresses with fringing or anything else that can get caught on the edges of the ring. It would look very showy in a photograph in which you raise a toast for someone- and bathed in a semi-dark light it would take on a more moody and gorgeous character.

The black oxidised metal cuff with sharper corners, more shallow triangular pieces and around a wide opened bangle reminds me a lot of a cookie cutter- and I say that with the kindest most endearing means possible. I've never seen anything like this in design, though it's not that often you see a metal cuff. Most of the cuff designs that spring to my mind are of resin but I quite like the dark and edgy effect of this cuff as well as the different tints and hue on the metal. For more class and a little more elegance this cuff comes in white, silver and gold. I love the gold items from Gala Curios.

As well as spectacular designs in jewellery the designs have also been christened with names involving puns? What more could a girl ask for? I love the contrasting colour combinations of mismatching leather swatches for the ruffles against the cuffs it's very chic. My favourite cuff from this quartet would have to be the cuff on the far right with a stone coloured leather and a brassy coloured cuff. I like the cute little bolt through the pinched leather- it gives a sense of symmetry to the piece.

If you're not a fan of thin cuffs but love the design of the accordion folding cuff you could wear all four at once for extra glamour and maybe colour. If you're not loving all the four colours maybe you could get two of your favourite colour and wear them together? In my opinion, you can't go wrong with black and gold together.

The Accordion Bangle has been cleverly developed using state-of-the-art rapid-prototyping, in an effort to emulate exacting pleated forms in solid metal. This tough cuff will add an edge of polish to any outfit, for guys & girls alike.

Solid brass with black nickel 'oilslick' plating.
Inner diameter 5cm, cuff height 1.5cm.

Packaged in a custom, velvet-lined GALA gift box.

I discovered this particular brand by searching the online world for things to buy, specifically The Grand Social and their sale section- I found these lovely bracelet in gold featuring two hands being held together as claps and a centre piece for the golden chains. The fancy 'G' tag written in cursive script is a nice touch and it seems to have particular importance to me since both my parent's first initial is 'G' as well. The hand holding motif reminds me of the lovely and romantic feeling I get when walking around with my boyfriend and the comfort it brings. Also the hands remind me a bit of Asian jewellery and Buddhas hand but the detail of the fingers, dual gold chain and cuffs seems to take on more of an Italian design. It's something on my hit list when I can get some more suitable work- looking forward to the Australia day basketball tournament coming up.

An eye-patch made of pastel coloured flowers? Now that is something U definitely want to try! I love the soft look of this photograph, the criss-crossing chains in gold and silver and the way they aimlessly drape across her entire body. I wonder if the spiked headband is a part of the Gala Curios collection too- it's rather edgy and you could easily wear it with a punk edge. The tiny spike platelets remind me of the hat worn by the Statue of Liberty.

I watched 'Jaws' last night or the good bits of it anyway, as in the last half an hour or so with the climatic confrontation with the shark as well as the drunken three men; Brody, Quinn and Hooper singing drunken songs together and comparing battle scars. The sharp and angular pyramid cuff in gold-stone features a brass cuff coated in gold and what I assume to be a white piece of resin. All of the pieces within the Gala Curios range would do well when combined with a thick and showy clutch- I'm thinking sequins and studs on leather.

Leaning more towards the impractical side of design but certainly the modern comes this tasseled ring featuring a metal shackle bolt keeping the threads of chain together. A word of advice: if wearing a skirt which features tulle in anyway or any means avoid such a piece because there is sure to be friction between the two pieces. Something bold like this would go well with the sleek lines of a satin looking dress in simple design. The flowing tassels in metal remind me a bit of sexual fetishes and bondage but it's still very glamorous. There's even a tiny inscribed monogram 'G' on the inside band of the ring- how sweet.

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