Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Butterfly

I've been toying with the idea of buying a vintage kimono to wear as a shrug or light Summer cardigan and I found the perfect shoes to wear with it. My prayers were answered by the one and only Jeffrey Campbell making a pair of Litas in a beautiful butterfly print with a royal blue background. I love them do death and have been searching for the perfect pair of Litas to buy and I'm so glad I mindlessly scrolled around on in a vain attempt to try and find some other shoes by the American label.

The structure has been recreated in so many different patterns and colours I've sort of been saving myself to find the perfect pair and I'm so glad I did- butterflies are a special motif to me. You have to be patient for them to come towards you and in Greek mythology they represent the soul and Psyche, the lover of Cupid. When I was a child and my Uncle died, I drew a picture of butterflies for his widow to cheer her up and I still have the thank you note after all these years. Butterflies are just these amazing impossible creatures of beauty and they're one of my favourite exhibits to visit at the zoo when I go.

I would love to wear them with a long and colourful kimono to really channel the oriental appeal of the prints but both items cost over one hundred dollars and without having participated as a referee in the big basketball tournament, I can't quite buy them without being able to know for certain I'll earn the money back yet. Still, they're in my size and I can pay via Paypal (one of the greatest inventions since online shopping) so I'm perfectly content for the moment. I can't wait to have a pair of heeled shoes I can wear with confidence! The butterfly ankle Litas are one of my favourite variations on what might possibly be one of Jeffrey Campbell's most famous shoes.

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