Monday, January 16, 2012

Irene Neuwirth Jewellery

Once I get started there's no stopping me- I'm still addicted to looking online at Barneys New York for gorgeous antique jewellery pieces and I was enthralled when I clapped eyes on the amethyst necklace listed below as well as this large boulder opal necklace strung on a rose gold chain. I have a small love affair with rose gold- it has to have just the right coppery tone about it and tasteful as well. In my last few months before all the panic of shopping for Christmas hit I had my eye on some really gorgeous opal necklaces that had a great variation of colour and this large rectangular piece of opal is a thousand times better in terms of quality and clarity.

The antique jewellery I've been chasing up within the last few hours such a timeless and classic appeal in it's design- I'm most impressed with the generous proportions of the stones and gems compared to the great numbers of small and tiny gems you see incorporated into modern jewellery. My mother's favourite description of this is that "you're being robbed blind and paying for stones the size of boogers." As you can probably tell, I've inherited every bit of my mother's way with words and class.

Irene Neuwirth
Mint Chrysoprase & Diamond Necklace
I've never heard of the chrysoprase stone, it has a jade like quality but seems sort of creamier and smoother, thought that may just be the professional lights as well as the polished finish of the stone. I don't normally wear a lot of green and not in gem stones either but who in their right mind would turn down the opportunity to wear a necklace that retails for almost twenty thousand dollars? Not me, certainly not me. I love the contrast between the two shades of green as well as the gold chain but I'm not used to seeing as many claw sets holding the gems. I never have been much of a fan of claw sets unless it was used as an intrinsic part of the jewellery design but if an antique piece has survive however many years and not lost a gem yet then it must be sturdy and fine craftsmanship that put this piece together.
The most appealing cut of a gemstone to me will always be emerald cut- seeing this necklace is like a match made in heaven combining my favourite metal colour in the perfect tone (rose gold) with my favourite colour and in an exquisite cut. I know the perfect dress to wear with it from T.R. Ensemble in lilac with a bustier dress and gather at the waist letting the skirt pleat out. It seems ironic to wear a dress that costs a few hundred dollars with a necklace that costs some thousands of dollars but a necklace can be a nice addition to make yourself look expensive. It's a pity I have money for neither piece but with anyone luck no one else will come along and snatch them from under my nose if I ever save enough money to afford them.

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