Thursday, January 19, 2012

I like to ride my Bicycle

I've come to the grim conclusion that when I fight with my mother verbally I get the jovial experience of having a hypocrite yell at me as well as skipping dinner and riding on the exercise bike in the garage until it's too dark to see. I haven't ridden a normal bike for years now but if I did I would still need to wear a helmet and probably wouldn't risk wearing Karen Walker sunglasses in the process like the model above. Although I must admit, the cute wire basket as well as high waisted shorts and tassel bag seem to be the perfect embodiment of Summer.

When out on a Picnic with friends today a little girl stopped where we were seated and began talking to her teddy bear in the wire basket at the back of her bike. It was all very cute and touching but also made me feel horribly old as well as boring and unimaginative.

Before university started up and everything got ahead of my I wanted to hire one of the bikes in the city of Melbourne and have a ride around stopping whenever I pleased and really enjoying being a tourist in my own city. It's a pity that I chose to write on my computer from the comfort of my own home instead and let myself down on the social front as well as the intellectual front but I have so much work ahead of me when the Semester starts I just want to embrace my inner couch potato and become a sloth before I'm thrown into the schedule of a university student.

On my open day to visit Monash university I noticed there were some bikes around the place to promote travelling by environmentally friendly means since the whole place is so big and going from building to building is sure to be a nightmare. Still, I can't help but have the picture in my head of a Parisian girl travelling from small bakeries to cafe by bike with a wicket basket and a beret... I have some of the most cliche and boring fantasies and I never even do anything to set those dreams into motion it's quite sad. There's just so many things I want to do in my life and by cataloguing it all I feel a little easier, like I'm breaking those dreams into smaller more achievable steps.

I haven't felt the bracing wind whirling past me while riding a bike in years, but I have had the small discipline to set myself up on the exercise bike with a DVD playing on the laptop in front of me as well as an iPod to get a work out going. I like riding a bike but I usually feel subconscious about it unless I'm in a small local area where there aren't any cars and people about. I suppose since I'm travelling faster I think I'm therefore more visible to be seen by everybody else around me and there aren't any good looking helmets on the market either so it's slow going and back in the garage for me.

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