Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hipster Youth Culture

I feel like such a borderline old person sometimes when I'm hypercritical of teenagers clothing- while I can accept and warm up to baseball/ raglan shirts, pink hair and sparkly make up I will never accept short-shorts in denim that allows the viewer to see the edges of someone's butt. That's just gross and sick- have some pride in yourself and don't bare your skin so much. Also in my humble and modest opinion you really shouldn't wear low-cut shirts in the daytime when your bits threaten to spill out over the edges. These opinions are all just based on what I think though and may not be for everyone but I think that when you dress too skimpy you can attract the wrong sort of attention and it's something you'd regret in the end.

Ah Winter, at least in this bitterly chilling month everyone is force to rug up for the good of their health whether they like it or not and dress modestly. For that reason, Winter is my favourite season as well as the fact I can layer clothing, snuggle into my bed sheets and sleep well and that none of my pets have died in Winter whereas it seems they have all died in Summer. There's a lot more creativity and though that does into an outfit for Winter where you can mismatch prints and have elaborate layers but in Summer, or at least for Australians you have to dress to be comfortable and I hate that sometimes.

Maybe it would be nice to abandon my individual sense of style and just become a true and fully-fledged hipster- buying short denim shirts and small black singlets as well as wearing leggings as pants with long white socks and cheap canvas shoes... YEAH RIGHT! I would disappoint my brother, myself as well as my hippy and pot-smoking Literature teacher if I abandoned my sense of self and style. Still, maybe lying next to a similarly dressed lover would be nice and having the frame tinted with odd colours from Instagram or even old 35mm film.

I'm much happier picking off vintage goodies online such as loose hanging denim shirts as well as denim jackets with alterations and long tennis socks to accentuate my long legs. At least hipsters get that much right and know how to show off their bodies in order to attract the opposite sex- not that I need that though, I'm happily tied down with the best ball and chain in the world.

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