Monday, January 30, 2012

The Hermes Kelly Bag

I'm not a large fan of fashion house labels and expensive handbags, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the Kelly bag from Hermes- especially this blue bag with bubble gum punk handles and detail.In terms of the fiddly details I do have a certain fondness for the little gold plaque as well as the lock and key and alternative strap. In the last month I've really been lusting after things that are pink and girly and while this bag is still predominantly blue in colour, I do like the small pink details and tags.

If you're not so adventurous in terms of clashing colours there's also this lovely burn orange/ tan coloured bag with deep magenta tags and straps which would look great when worn with a stunning tropical printed dress. Be warned though because the price tag for these gorgeous bags aren't generous by any means and can cost some hundred dollars for a second hand bag. I guess I'll be saving my pennies for quite some time if I'm ever going to get my hands on a blue and pink Hermes Kelly bag!

I'm not a large fan of the structure of a bad like this, I had spend a lot of time as a kid getting dragged around the shopping centre with my mother and getting whacked hap-hazardly with the corners of her bag. If I had the money, I would probably favour a Mulberry bag over Hermes but I tend to lean towards colour more than structure. I love the strong colours of this collection as well as many more bags by Hermes but if you prefer something that's more versatile of course there's black and brown in a range of textures and materials too.

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