Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Henson Moon Jewellery

The label Henson first came to my attention after the tragic earthquake hit Auckland during a period of recuperation and rebuilding in which several of my favourite brands were collected and donated in the name of charity. At first I was only interested in the Diana Mini Valentine's Day special from Lomography but there were also concert tickets as well as dates with celebrities at stake. One such item among the auction with all proceeds going to help those in Auckland most affected by the disaster was a thick and chunk signet ring simply named moon by the name of Henson. The ring itself was made of solid silver with an oxidised brushed effect over the top- only a few nights ago I found the same ring online for more than 50% off RRP on a New Zealand fashion site (I'm going through a large New Zealand online store phase right now).

The features are so seemingly delicate, even for such an unyielding metal. I love the pursed lips, little button nose, gentle curve of the eyebrow and the sheer symmetry of the piece. For earrings you have a choice of polished silver discusses threaded onto posts and backed bu butterfly clips or the same basic design which is then naturally blackened in the chemical process known as oxidation. In the days of old when Chanel made large chunky gold earrings they favoured clips more so to support the large designs and I suppose I'd feel a little more secure knowing there was more than a single post supporting this solid moon face. My little lobes wouldn't be able to support this much weight but if I could manage to pull off the look, I'd probably opt for the darker earrings myself. There's always charm and intrigue in the dark and mysterious.

I can see why the outer rim was incorporated into the design of the rings as I have two large silver signet rings myself and it lends itself well to it but why there's a ring orbiting this lovely moon necklace is a mystery to me. From the first photograph it looks as if there's a split seem halfway through the pendant which would make it a locket rather than a pendant but there's no mention of it being a locket on the online store.

All jewellery are made from sterling silver and hand sanded to give each one a unique finish.
Some have been blackened by a process called oxidisation.
The black does fade away over time.
It takes 2-4 hours to finish each one.
All jewellery comes in a display box, the necklace box doubles as a stand.

I already have two large and chunky silver signet rings which can only really be worn on the one hand; one online from Najo and the other is Woodford and Co. but would it really be so bad if I were to add another ring to my collection and acquire a piece of jewellery of silver and brass as well? I really must curb my enthusiasm for signet rings and stop this growing collection and addiction. This was the ring design for auction all those years ago while I do like the brushed effect I am all too familiar with the effects and its tendency to fade. Luckily for me it's the brass ring that's 50% off from $310 to $155! It would be nice if I could get the necklace for cheap though, I'd love to wear that with a long and slouchy over sized shirt in black, or maybe a shirt dress.
I'm curious as to why the moon ring has also been manufactured in brass as well as the classic brushed silver, the bright reflective yellow toned metal looks almost like gold in the first profile photograph. Traditionally silver has been associated with the gods Phoebe/ Diana, Selene and Artemis and thought to have come through the moon whereas gold is associated by the sun and represents lofty Apollo. The dreamy and peaceful expression of the moon face reminds me a lot of the motifs from Thai jewellery but with more minimalist design and a broader face suggesting Western influence. With the simple design of the ring, even in brass maybe the moon ring would become a sun ring. Seeing this combination of silver and brass reminds me of a gorgeous cow skull necklace from Nick Von K, I really love seeing the two metals together!

Believe it or not, but my Woodford and Co. signet ring is probably wider than this heavy costume ring. Maybe not as tall judging from the slight side profile on the shoulder of the ring but still quite the statement piece. I'm not at all deterred by the fact these pieces are carried by sites specifically aimed at the male hipster audience, after all, I feel safe having large silver rings on my fingers. It just means there will be extra weight and impact to any punch I pack.


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