Friday, January 20, 2012

Helena Bogucki's Cameo Rings

2012 has been a year full of promising opportunity on the horizon, and for jewellery maker and designer Helena Bogucki the new year has brought her a special gift; the Australian has had her work displayed in the magazine Instyle Australia and worn by actress Katherine Heigl!
I've previously shown her work on my blog for her collabortation with Edition X and cat shaped jewellery but I am really pleased to see her still going strong and toiling away at her studio space in Adelaide. She'll certainly be reaping the rewards for this little appearance:

Perth designer Helena Bogucki’s stunning hand made ring can be seen adorning the finger of Hollywood’s Katherine Heigl in this month’s Instyle Magazine.
The sterling silver Cameo, Cameo ring was handpicked by the star’s stylist for the shoot.
Designer Helena Bogucki said its an honour and very exciting to see her work on such a respected and stylish actor as Katherine Heigl.

“It’s not everyday that you open an international magazine and see your work on someone of her calibre,” Helena said.
“I hope this exposure helps to raise my profile internationally; I’d love to see my work on red carpets and maybe some of Katherine’s colleagues.”

Bogucki has recently exhibited at the Art Gallery of WA and her pieces are stocked at discerning stores nation-wide, such as COTA in Sydney, e.g.etal Edition X in Melbourne.
The cameo ring is taken from a collection featuring the traditional cameo motif in contemporary settings.
Helenas works combine found and formed objects and are inspired by times, places, people and their stories. 

The rings shown above were made available to Instyle by the Sydeney gallery, COTA (Courtesy of the Artist) so if you have an interest in these metal bad boys or simply want to imitate Katherine Heigl's style, head on over to:

Bogucki’s current collection Enter the Brave was born from a series of uncanny events in Central America and embodies the notion of sacrifice and power.

“These pieces are brave; they are amulets that offer protection, they are pieces of a time and a place, but most importantly they are beautiful,” Helena said.
Bogucki continues to use her signature historical motifs and wooden tags to reference religious symbols and tribal marks interrogating these themes in silver and brass with industrial finishes.

Wearers of the pieces are encouraged to adorn themselves with these amulets to protect against unwelcome sacrifice and embrace the power of the individual.

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