Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hair Colour Ideas

Still feeling love struck over the pastel tones of the capes, I wish I had the bravery to take the plunge and dip dye my ends. Maybe blond would be the best option since it's normal enough without many people taking offence to any wild colours and I could change the colour as I please with temporary dyeing, pale green one day then pink the next. I'm still adamant of the importance of having texture in dyed hair and the effect it gives off seeing the hills and valleys in the hair and colour darkening and lightening. With dark hair though and to fully enjoy the most out of the colouring experience that spells peroxide for me but it does damage quite a lot and also a lot of the colours and shades I'm considering from La Riche One direction are all permanent. One technique I know to use is food dye but I'm not overly keen on that either.

I feel very inspired by looking at the underside of the dark hair pictured here, although I have noticed that many of my slip ends and weaker and dryer hairs are on the underside of my head. Still, I can only imagine the dazzling effect of the pink and blue mingling with the dark and natural brown in a plait especially a fish tail braid. My father would never allow even having just a few strands of hair on my scalp being blue and while I would want to try one side pink and one side purple I don't think the two colours are different enough to pull off the same effect as the photograph above. The best thing about dying the hair underneath everything else is that it's a secret of yours to keep.

This lovely trio of ladies with coloured hair reminds me a lot of an advertisement I clipped out of one of my Vogue issues, it was a British Vogue and not a part of my subscription for Givenchy featuring three models one with black hair, another with brightly dyed red hair and finally a lilac/ silver colour. They were all dressed in black but this photograph too has its merits- for example all this girls exist in the real world and while their clothes and hair lengths don't match I love the gathering of them all in one place.

A clever way to combat the frayed looks of dyed hair which can get damaged after the use of chemical dyes and bleaching is to add a small little bone which fits perfectly with the frazzled and rough ends of the hair. Ever since watching the popular cartoon the Flintstones I think it must be hard-wired into everyone's DNA to except the rough and ragged look for hair when accompanied by a bone ornament. It's just how we're all programmed- for those of us old enough to remember the Flintstones that is.

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