Friday, January 20, 2012


All this year I'll be travelling to and from university using public transport, a combination of train and bus. So in the spirit of things I thought I would show off a few pictures of serene green settings? I just wanted to share with you my readers some of the photographs that have been inspiring me and similar things that I hope to see and explore. I've decided to study Geosciences and possibly major in it if I never make it to veterinary sciences and I'm enticed by a six digit annual paycheck. It's not just that though- I love the Earth as well.

I don't wear a lot of green in my usual routine but I do have two skirts in green that I love to death- one's American Apparel and long and pleated and the other has a print of leaves in black and white that usually wins compliments. At one stage of my past life, being an awkward and embarrassing teenager I bought some fluorescent green nail polish but only used it once. I don't think I'm brave enough to try and wear the shade again.

At my parent's house we have a few separate climbing vine plants and when we first bought the place my mother ordered everyone to pull them all off. She feared they would eventually ruin the strength and integrity of the bricks but when you think about it, the compression strength of a brick can't be harmed very much by small anchoring roots. To think, I could be sitting on a veranda swarming with vines on the walls and ceiling if she hadn't thrown a monkey wrench into those plans.

It's not often you see such large and tall pine trees but I remember when the house on the street corner had these amazing large pine trees bordering a small fence and house and the fence was inch deep in brown needles. At my father's old work place there were also tall pine trees taller than a second storey building and the lunch room had a small balcony which backed out onto the trees. I've lost all the lovely pine trees in my life but maybe my future of collecting research data in the field and maybe in forests will reunite me with them once more.

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