Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gram Shoes

Gram is all about making sophisticated sneakers. We create shoes that fill the gap between sneakers and traditional shoes.

Our roots lie in the Scandinavian design aesthetic; design with clean lines and attention to details. Each model being unique in its own simplicity.

Our goal is to design and produce a range of unique shoes, that reflect the present, yet rely on the past.

The brand is centered around the concept of weight, with each shoe being named after its weight in grams.

Gram was founded in Stockholm in 2005 by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi. As head designer Alexis is still an active part of Gram, but currently lives and works in Hong Kong. The rest of the Gram crew are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

It was the bright coral red and mixing of primary colours clashing on the floral print on these casual shoes that attracted me to do a little bit of a dig and research about this Swedish brand- the thin decorative laces as well as the cute round toe and rubber soles remind me a bit of the Opening Ceremony desert boots but there's a splash of colour as well. In their other designs you'll see high-topped sneaker designs recreated in luxurious buffalo leather and the mingling of canvas materials in bright colours as well as leather. While these particular shoes would be very hard to style with for those who are all-out, bombastic and layer clothes in the drapery and eclectic style I can see these particular shoes going to very good use. I could easily see fashion blogger Susie Bubble (Susanna Lau) of Style Bubble wearing these shoes and having them peak out under masses of layered clothes and a long pleated skirt.

While shoes of this particular design are usually more suited towards those of us of the male persuasion, I can't help but feel jealous of the guys for getting to wear such lovely leather shoes with a pair of jeans. They could be worn by a girl too- to make the outfit more feminine I would personally suggest black tights as well as a short and flirty skirt that looks vintage maybe with a floral motif or little boys as well as a long and loose comfortable jumper. The shiny leather in the harsh professional photographer lights shows off the great contrast between that rusty shade of brown leather, the black as well as the laces which combine the two colours together and really pulls the shoes together.

Using only carefully selected premium materials and genuine hand crafting during the production process, every 380g is hand lasted by skilled artisans and matched pair by pair, for the ultimate dressed up comfort experience.
The 380G shoe embodies the essence of classic footwear with its simple derby cut paired with a sneaker like, light weight, dura-lite out- sole and rubber heel for unrivalled comfort.
Upper: Navy Blue Linen

Lining: Leather
Welt: Leather
Insole: Anatomic Rubber Sponge
Outsole: Hi-Density Rubber Sponge
Heel: Heavy Duty Natural Rubber
Laces: Round Waxed Cotton

Shank: Tempered Steel

The combination of a fine light brown tartan as well as leather and thick rust coloured shoe laces remind me a lot of my childhood in which I'd potter about the garden with my father helping him with odd jobs. Worn with skinny jeans or riding pants these boots would really add a nice vintage chic touch worn with say- a large woolen cape? I love receiving emails from American Apparel about their California select range which includes dead stock vintage items and the clashing season, I keep seeing snugly knits and ponchos for Winter while I'm enjoying the sunshine in the Southern Hemisphere.

The metal clasps keeping in place each turn in the shoelaces is very reminiscent of old school hiking boots but the structure and rounded toes in the black and dusty leather material is closer to tennis shoes. I haven't seen the two elements combined together in a shoe before so I must really tip my cap to Gram for being able to bring something new to the world of casual shoes.

The last two shoes aren't available on the Good as Gold online store which is based in New Zealand which I had used as the basis of this post but I couldn't resist including the two leather boots with linen material inserts of cameo and a jungle sort of print. These two boots may not be suitable for hiking in the mountains but walking around the zoo with a safari hat, bulky khaki vest and binoculars around your neck would make for quite the interesting photo shoot.

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