Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glitter Vans

Unfortunately for you and me dear reader, there's not as many results and colour variations for glittery coloured Vans casual skate shoes at the moment but maybe we'll see a few more released in the coming weeks and months? I got to see this first image from the Lazy Oaf Tumblr but nothing much else has arisen in terms of news or perhaps a new range of shoes in this effect for Vans. I can only find the red glittery vans so far for the full effect- but if you have a Mexican flavour or just want to let your hair down and dance the night away, why not wear something comfy and eye-catching as well? You're sure to turn a few heads with these babies on your feet and collect some compliments as well.

Just because I felt like sharing a Google Image result for 'Glitter Vans' too, there's a shot of gold sparkly plastic overflowing from a perturbed looking lady. Just on a conversational tangent regarding glitter and it's application in photography not only can you add it to a printed photograph to turn the mouth of Santogold into a gold spewing goddess, I've also seen a thin slit of glitter applied to the skin and a knife on the side of an arm with glitter on the floor next to the arm in a dripping sort of effect.

You could probably execute some mean jazz hands wearing these bad boys but in my personal experiences, red shoes such as these are a little more difficult to incorporate into an outfit but if you're a master of drapery and eclectic styling than you really should have no problems. It's not enough for an item of clothing to be beautiful by itself and look amazing, but an important thing to recognise is how to wear it as well to bring out its majesty and show it off to everyone else around you too.


  1. I go using vans a lot of time, for punctual occasions, before simply it were these slippers of canvas but the evolution of the brand to gone towards the great public, with designs and textures in different materials mas easy to combine with it depends that you take, they are comfortable I am charmed with this chance brand

  2. just wait till I finalise my post about Corduroy Vans too ;)
    I know what you mean, I've seen some amazing pairs in small boutique stores and stuff and they're really become something special. They're also a festival favourite too.

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.