Sunday, January 15, 2012

Geeky Glasses

What could go better with a beaten up and old dog-eared book bought second hand then a swish pair of glasses to read them with? I don't currently have the urgency and need to wear glasses but I am itching to own a pair- at the age of forty both my parents acquired two pairs of glasses each so I can expect my eyesight to deteriorate at the same speed as theirs.
I do wish i could just hide behind a large pair of frames already and have the familiar red pinching marks on my nose bridge, geek chic has always had its charms to me but it's been a bit of a punishment to not need glasses. I don't scope out second hand shops often enough to try and find someone else's glasses with a mild magnification to wear for myself. Popping the lenses is just too much of a dead giveaway that I don't in fact need glasses so I would prefer to leave them in there if I had the option.

There's just a wealth of styles to wear, whether you try to look like Buddy Holly or perhaps go for frames that are more sleek and angular. Thin metal frames that are on the brink of being invisible have long been out of style and I am rather pleased to see people embrace glasses as a part of their appearance and a distinguishing feature. I do quite like tortoiseshell frames- it seems you can get away with wearing them day or night and the speckled colours adds a bit more character to your glasses as opposed to plain black.

I do quite like the design of these frames, as well as the pretty face behind them. With her mouth ajar and her light blue eyes wide she seems shocked when posing for her own self-portrait photograph. The size of the lenses are so large, but the frame is so thin framing around her face it seems like such an awkward combination to have these two features together but I quite like it. Glasses certainly can dress up a sweater and hair pulled up into a messy bun. I wish I could wear glasses like that, they're not fake either they have the lens glass still in tact. I don't like the way some people remove the lens of glasses frames, it's advertising to the world that you're a bit of a cheat and don't really need glasses. Still, I would like to wear glasses for the sake of wearing them and looking interesting. It's the least drastic accessory you can wear without permanently changing anything about yourself.

Even these companion animals are lucky enough to have access to wearing chic and large sized glasses, although that cat looks a little grouchy to me. It's not high on my list of priorities to find a pair of chic glasses but perhaps if I study university in the CBD of Melbourne and have time to mill around before and after classes I can scope out some of the vintage stores and snag myself a pair. This is all wishful thinking really, I have a fake pair of glasses as it is in purple but they're not in this large and over sized fashion and I also seem to have misplaced the case. Oh dear, maybe when I finally clean my room out properly I'll do a geek chic fashion post and show you all what they look like and what I look like.

It's not often you see metal frames instead of plastic for glasses but I do like the size of these ones and their design. The photograph and girl modelling looks all the more chic by her partially shaved head just above her ear and the plaits around it. I wouldn't mind trying to cornrow/ braid above my ear myself but goodness knows I'm not coordinated enough to do it.

Cat's eye framed glasses are a little more difficult to pull off, I don't believe as many people really can pull them off as well as the large Buddy Holly style frames. You need to have a sort of a thinnish looking face, good looking nose and short curly hair. I have none of these features really so I'll just stick to what I have and what I know. Besides, when buying glasses you really do need to see what they look like on your face and whether they suit you- especially if you're going to be wearing them constantly and people will recognise you're face with your glasses.

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