Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gala Curios Enamel Lace Jewellery

Many a month ago I recall seeing something of this whimsical and fantastic calibre on the blog of fashion blogger Susie Bubble of the Style Bubble! I can't believe Gala Curios (a brand I have previously covered) have created such diverse pieces in terms of design as well as the materials used. The necklaces you see before you are made from lace covered in enamel for a hardened look on a thin and chic silver chain. I love the minimalist chain which doesn't detract attention away from the large and feminine pendants- only recently I received my Stolen Girlfriends Club ring in silver with a bow motif and I already want to get the gold plated ring as well! Bows are such a great feminine statement, and when done well I think they look brilliant but when done wrong they make jewellery look cheap and tacky and clothing becomes childish rather than chic.

If you don't like the lace effect as well as perforated nature of the material then there's also the ribbon necklace covered in enamel which is the perfect size and shape for a large statement bow on a silver chain. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these enamel bow necklaces from Gala Curios for myself, especially in my favourite colour, lilac. The knot at the centre of the bow shown above looks a little neater than the lace bow but for both types of necklaces the bow loops and end sashes look great being a little larger and spreading out towards the ends.

If you have the money to splash around, maybe the lace bib necklace in aqua blue would be worn layered upon another necklaces, such as the lilac bow necklace which I believe has a bit of a longer chain to it. I've been in a bit of a fantasy mood lately- it must come from staying up a little too late and scouring Etsy for some of the coolest clothes and jewellery. If I had to choose between the bow necklaces and the small lace bib necklace I would choose bows since I like a longer chain but that's not to detract from the beautiful colour of this piece. Also, with different coloured enamel lace and bows there's contrasting chains in either rose gold, silver and yellow gold which are all pre-determined.

I've tracked down a website that sells these necklaces for just under $100 each so as soon as my term-deposit clears, I sort out the laptop situation for university endeavours as well as selling a few more bits and pieces on eBay I should be all clear to get my hands on a piece from Gala Curios! I love their jewellery, there's a statement and dramatic theatre approach to their designs but they use great materials such as precious metals as well as leather and lace dripping with enamel. The bow necklaces are a great way to add a statement to a plain dress and since I'm in love with my resin rose necklace, why not add another feminine motif and fragile necklace to my collection?

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