Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun in the Sun

The weather these last few days has been bringing me down, but at least I've had some time to spend with my friends and catch up as well as practically clean my room, though there's still not enough space to take my own self-portrait photographs yet. I would have thought that the transition phase from high school to university would have me spending more time at the beach but I guess I was never destined to be one of those cool, popular people who look good and enjoy having glorious tans as well as the side-effects of sun burn later in life.

There are other ways to enjoy water and the sun as well, particularly if you're a fish and water is a necessary part of your life. My mother has told me that the black goldfish pictured, a pop-eyed goldfish has the shortest life span of all goldfish since behind its eyes there are actually tumors. Then again, she also told me she once had a puppy and that was a lie so I can't exactly trust this woman 100%. It's a sad and cold day when your own mother lies to you about puppies and never takes you to the beach.

I haven't been to a water themed amusement park yet but there is a smorgasbord on the Gold Coast of Australia- another place I have yet to visit within my own country. In all fairness, it's a rather large country and my family aren't that keen on travelling around although I have been sent on just about every optional camp you can take at my school so there's something to be proud of there. Summer should be the peak time for these kinds of activities but all week I've been drinking tea, coffee and Milo in an effort to heat my body should my temperature dip uncomfortably.

Without beach towels I can imagine these two girls being a little uncomfortable but I guess it suits the dark and overcast sky hanging behind them on the horizon of the sand dunes. That's one thing I can be thankful for when avoiding the beach; there's no sand clinging between my clothes and in my sheets and I don't need to apply sunscreen when I'm indoors. If I sound like a boring person who just sits on the computer all day, it's because I am a boring person who just sits on the computer all day but at least I have good taste in fashion and photographs. For that one small detail, however unimportant it may be it's still something to take pride in.

Some of the greatest adventures in life revolve around taking risks in things you have little to no control over: from small business owning and managing, trading stock shares or simply sitting in an inner tube and floating down stream when surrounded by trees and wild forest all around. I prefer the later, but if the first two can earn me a bit of money I would be grateful for that too; even without having left home today I can discover hundreds of gorgeous fashion pieces and collections through the Internet and if I leave home I'm at risk of waltzing in to the shopping centre. These days nothing is really safe for a wallet these days, unless it's a money-pinching trip to the library.

If I had a greater interest in oceanographic studies and saw more underwater shots from a camera I may be interested in buying a casing for some of my cameras such as the Lomo LCA+. One of my university choices offered further studies into marine sciences which was my second choice behind following my childhood dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Between becoming a vet and a marine biologist, the first choice is more well-known and would have a higher demand and job security so I shall follow that. But you never know, I find out where I'll be studying next Monday and maybe in the years ahead of me I may find prowess among a unit of study I didn't previously foresee. Things will surely become more interesting as this year marches on.

Amongst or above, water seems to picturesque; or maybe it's just many fond associations of quenching thirst on a a hot Summer's day, bathing and cleaning oneself as well as keeping the liquid cold and delicious. From this bird's eye view shot and the angle we can see the crests and valleys as well as the river bending around and spreading out like veins from the heart pumping blood. I like the subdued colours, sometimes a photograph calls for the sharp contrast of bursts of exposure but the naturalistic pallet goes well with the shapes and subtle fading of the mountains into the sky horizon.

I did have my fun in the sun for about a week with my good pals from school and going down to the beach at Phillip Island and one of the activities we indulged in was going on a cruise using our kitty money and while I did take some good photographs from the boat and of the setting sun, I'm too lazy at the moment to properly upload them and share them on Facebook. The quality diminishes and I'm a bit over my own photo blog, I would rather focus my energies like a laser and make something excel than have a few blogs that are just so-so. I'm sick of being a jack of all trades, I want to be a master of something for once in my life.

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