Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fish Plastic Skateboards

The cheaper alternative to the more expensive plastic skateboards produced by Australian brand Penny are these smaller and more streamlined boards produced by a brand called fish. Now, I have tried skateboarding before on a cheap and sketchy quality board as part of a showbag and it let me down fantastically. I measured up the dimensions for these boards by Fish and it turns out they're even smaller than that crappy board. Having tried out both the Penny and Fish skateboards, there is a clear different and I'd strongly recommend buying a Penny board given how lightweight they are.

In some strange bower bird, primal urge I love things made of plastic including cameras and skateboards as well as prison issue rosaries and small charms from the 1940s. I will not be overpowered by this trance of plastic and I will be smart about this! Tomorrow I plan to watch a few videos and scour through some reviews properly of the boards from fish and when I start refereeing basketball on a regular basis again I'll only be blowing a shift's work of pay if things don't work out. I may even have a nice little trophy and reminder how lazy and uncoordinated I am. 

Hot pink and blue wheels is the coolest thing I've ever seen and getting to be seen holding this bad boy may be worth all the falls, scabs and bruises I am sure to earn if I ever do start to skateboard.

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