Monday, January 30, 2012

Fierce Kate Moss

I decided to break up my Kate Moss blog posts into two parts so I could really cover the chosen photo shoot photographs well and really get a feel about her with my commentary. There's images new and old and this soft focus still is an old when of Moss in her younger days when she had naturally brown hair- some of the images she stars in are so beautiful and simplistic when she's not really advertising a product or brand. She seems a little more innocent when fully clad in clothing and without her trademark blond hair, but maybe it's a also a generational thing for advertisement and photography.

This is more like the Kate Moss people my age are most familiar with seeing- barely any clothes on and staring down the barrel of a camera with a smouldering and fierce look in her eyes. While I may never have the bravery to bare all in a photo shoots, I can appreciate the comfortable feeling of walking around the house with minimal clothing and shrouded by either a blanket or the doona cover and walking around the house with bleary eyes.

There's nothing like getting back to the basics and abandoning colour photography in favour of black and white- it always accentuates the shading of the contours of the human body as well as covers up any unusual tan lines. Although, when you live in London, I can't imagine any tans originating from there that would be so noticeable. There's a lot of beautiful but terribly obscure photographs of Moss and I can't work out what's being advertised in the shoots other than herself and her body.

I love the thick layered crucifix necklaces as well as ornate chains and the sun talisman all hanging from the shoulders and neck of Kate Moss but I'm not sure how I feel about the thick eye makeup; I personally hate seeing thick lines around eyes to accentuate then. It makes it look as if eye make up is running and also the curls over her right shoulder must belong to thick hair extensions.

One of the first images I collected of Kate Moss on my computer was her posing as pop star David Bowie complete with orange hair for Vogue Paris andit really opened my eyes to the professional side of a model and the similarity between their role and that of a model. On occasion they will be asked to portray some else or be something that lies outside their comfort zone so when they step up to that and take on such a role the results can really be fascinating and fantastic.

For someone who's aged thirty-eight and a career that spans two decades, it's rather impressive to still see Kate Moss relevant in the world of fashion today and collaborating with Topshop as well. I can only hope that I look as beautiful as well as rested as she does but knowing my stressful habits and tendencies that will never happen for me.

I love seeing mesmerising art deco and antique jewellery and this is definitely as decadent as it gets- that's the only aspect I'm in love with in terms of the model lifestyle: getting decked out in gorgeous clothing. All though it's not all glamour and grace there are tumbles on runway stages and demanding schedules but they're the most gorgeous people in the world with the best parties too, know the best labels and clothing for the seasons and have the money to back it all up too. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to join them and become one of the beautiful people?

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