Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feminine Mystique

After staring at photographs of Vogue models for far too long last night it seems that I finally kicked myself into high gear to do a little exercise both last night and this morning. I even had a little salad on the side of my breakfast of leftover pasta this morning! I've been pretty slack recently in terms of keeping up with a diet but I really do want to be skinnier this year and look lovely when standing in front of flowers and buy ballerina inspired shoes...

I had meant to take more photographs in the new year, rather than present what other people have been doing and achieving but I have greater motivation to toil away over the keyboard and watch things such as my stats for this blog rather than getting out into the field and getting back into photography again. I have a few rolls of film sitting on my desk and waiting to be developed from last year as well as numerous 35mm film I stocked up on but nothing really exciting is happening in my life at the moment. Instead I'm stuck in this strange purgatorial half living state from when high school has finished and university has yet to begin.

The outfit posts I've contributed to this blog have been amateurish at best- I suppose I don't think enough about the use of props and coordination of accessories. I'm still nervous about positioning myself in front of the camera and delivering a fierce look rather than the overall presentation. Having a large and colourful bouquet of flowers more similar to exploding fireworks would be a good excuse not to look at the camera or to worry about make-up. It's a pity I don't know of any largely weeded gardens or fields to stand in front of for such a photograph though; still, I am quite content with the plain wallpaper of my hallway as well as the framed pictures of birds for my outfit posts.

As damaging as it is, I would like to go blond just once in my life, but with my dark brows the dye would become even more prominent and I enjoy not having to worry about my roots showing and the up-keep of dyed hair. My usual routine is a wash and brushing away fallen bits, maybe a braid overnight or using the hair-dryer but things have been really simple lately and I think since I last attacked my split ends with scissors my hair grew a little bit in response but it doesn't seem to be growing much at all now. Still, I can boast having long mermaid length hair like the model above and it's as shiny as her in my respective colour. Today was the day I was meant to get a trim but the postponement of that appointment can be attributed to the fact that Chinese New Year is tomorrow.

Photographs such as the one shown above of a fairy is the precise reason I favour film photography over digital now. Sure the effect can be achieved by filtering and effects, but the grainy and dream-like quality of an all plastic camera can't be beat. I love the large floral wreath in her hair as well as the shape of her wings, they're very pretty and realistic to that of an actual butterfly. Currently one of my favourite stores, Tree of Life, is selling a large variety of white cotton dresses so maybe you'll see me dancing around my yard in a similar getup one of these days.

My room doesn't quite resemble a studio space but maybe that wouldn't quite be a bright idea considering I may be inspired to put together some crazy photographs inspired by illustrations. I will never be swayed to photograph myself nude, no matter how much pink is involved or how tasteful it is.

As a student under the discipline of science I know that there's no such thing as fanciful mystical beings such as unicorns and sprites but there's still the artistic side of me that holds on to a small seed of hope. Some of my favourite pieces of romantic literature and poems revolve around magical beings and as a child I loved reading about mythology of any origin but like all good things I've had to abandon my childhood dreams and ideals to become an adult. It always seemed a lot easier when I was younger, also a little more fun that it actually is.

Tomorrow if I can rouse myself off my fat ass and get over to the shops I'll be handing in my resume left, right and centre to see who wants to take me on, maybe buy some nice scented candles and finally check my eligibility for my staff discount where I was a Christmas casual. I assume the portal would be closed by now but I have my fingers crossed to get some book bags for university as well as a brown leather looking satchel and cheap Exercise books.

I really do need to read more magazines and literature if I ever hope to splice images together such as this mountain and these pink daisies. I quite like the combination of the two together since they have a similar type of lighting used- it's the sort of thing I imagine I would do if I bothered with scrap booking as well as reading more magazines. Newspaper quality could never do justice to such interesting and colourful tableau.

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