Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fallon Shark Tooth Jewellery

Occasionally I'll feel my tough exterior soften and veer away from the path of my New Year's Resolution, including eating junk food and not exercising as well as favouring silver jewellery over gold. The extremes are when I wish I could wear the surfer girl necklaces of carved hooks and shark teeth for a fleeting moment. Fallon, another brand I have discovered from Barneys New York has invented a compromise that is pleasing to look at as well as ingenuitive.

What first attracted my attention was this large and wide cuff covered in created shark teeth entirely made of rose gold which sells for $400- it's the perfect shade of rose gold mixing the copper and gold together to create this new compound that's pleasing to the eye and hopefully strong too. When wearing a piece as extravagant and bold as this I wouldn't be going too many things to put the integrity of the metal in danger but it is always nice to know that should I be clumsy enough to bang the cuff against something it come off best in the scuffle.

While I may not be able to afford $400 for a single piece of jewellery, I can certainly afford these shark tooth earrings in rose gold at $80 a pop. I usually forget to change my earrings or fail to see the occasion to change them but for these ferocious fellas I think I could make an exception. It's hard to be able to be certain of the size of these fangs without something in the background but even if they did make dwarfs of my small ear lobes I would be none the less happy to wear them and brighten up an average looking outfit.

What's appealing about this range of pieces from Fallon is the variety within their pieces as well as rhodium- I haven't yet seen a really glamorous looking wristlet with detail on the ring which connects the bracelet but it seems that Fallon has an answer to everyone design question possible.

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