Monday, January 16, 2012

Elle Fanning

Time apart from my lovely boyfriend is looking fairly perilous when I have my eye on lovely talent such as Alexa Chung and now Elle Fanning! What us the world coming to? It seems that her older sister Dakota has been in the public eye for so long there's sort of a familiarity about her face but her features are fresh and she's grown up to become such a lovely lady. Allegedly she brings her 35mm Lomography Diana Mini decorated in motifs from Alice in Wonderland with her to runway fashion shoes. Bless her heart. There's sort of a contrast created by the black and white filter effect of this photograph- it accentuates her long mascara clad eyelashes but also some missing or new adult teeth coming through are made all the more obvious.

In some of her more recent media appearances posing in front of a camera for magazines, Elle looks quite mature with the arches of her eyebrows seeming more pronounced and framing her face revealing how delicate it is. While flicking through several images from a search engine she doesn't have a distinct look and without maintaining her roots it seems to diminish her beauty. From the serious and newly primed eyebrows you wouldn't guess that she's only thirteen years old.

I feel like such an old and unattractive crone or spinster just looking at her wildly styled clothes as well as the soft tone of her skin and hair. Being reminded of her age for me, someone who has just finished high school is a depressing reminder that people younger than me have had arguably more worldly experiences and have worked harder in their lives than I have. It's a sobering reminder that your time on Earth doesn't quite equate to experiences and actually living.

At the age of thirteen when most girls are at that awkward age of becoming a woman and leaving their childhood behind them, Elle Fanning already looks a steamy temptress and I can tell her star will be rising when more roles are created and available to her. Even if she doesn't become an actor and star prominently in roles, from what I can see her she could well become a model or at least a friendly and familiar face for Vogue magazine. She has the most delicate features as well as blond hair and although I have openly embraced my own appearance and don't consider myself to be an ugly duckling I would kill to look like that.

This dress reminds me a lot of the haute couture runway show of Jean Paul Gaultier in his resort collection of 2007 and I wouldn't be surprised id this dress was from the show. The spiked gold headdress which appears to fan out from blond hair is made all the more impressive by unusual structure of the garment in gold and a cape in bronze. The setting of a rock feature wall behind her as well as kitsch lamps complements the tones of her dress and makes the feather trail around her ankles seem even more pure. In this photograph Fanning looks like the embodiment of a domestic goddess- literally! I would have hoped her pose would have been just a bit more dramatic and impressive though considering her dress and attire but maybe the ordinary nature of the room poisoned her mindset. What she really needs behind her is an art installation of fluffy cotton clouds on fishing wire.

I've always wanted a surfboard not that I'm particularly talented at the sport though I have tried it before. As I recall it was very crowded going with a school group and a really tall guy from my year level ran over the top of my head with a board. Fortunately I saw him coming and decided to hide under the water and wait it out. If I knew the brand of the board held be Elle Fanning her I may be tempted to find one for myself as a vague decoration for my room. I love the dreamy pastel colours, reminds me of the pink cigarettes I posted about a while ago.

For having such delicate and dainty features it's refreshing to see Elle Fanning from this angle pushing up her jaw a bit to show off the angle of it. That of course leads our gaze over to see the gorgeous necklace positioned and cushioned by soft cream coloured scarves and her blue blazer matches the fierce colour of her eyes. It seems coordination comes so easily to this Hollywood star but I don't hate her for it. No, rather it gives me something to aspire towards when I choose what I wear for the day but it is hard when you have naturally brown eyes and brown hair- although my favourite colour purple does go well with my own features.

She's just a bit more than a pretty face, at the age of thirteen Elle seems to have a unique and eclectic style that is as dorky as it is adorable. I can't think of many people willing to wear cat's eye framed glasses let alone this shade of burnt orange but she pulls it off with effortless ease. I love the lace melding with the gingham and floral prints as well- very pretty and vintage. I think it's fair to say we can all expect great things from this young starlet whether it be fashion wise or behind the lens of a camera for a movie but at the tender age of thirteen I wish I had as many opportunities as she does.

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