Monday, January 2, 2012

Doe a Deer

I've been in a strangely frenzied mood when the sun goes down- I keep trying to find my favourite brands online for as cheap as I possible can and keep on discovering more and more fantastic brands that are suited towards my taste and style. The latest discovery is the deer inspired new range for Sretsis to be launched in March 2012 and this morning I dreamt that I had a little sister and the new range of Deadly Ponies bags had been released.

Since I've been cleaning my room and tidying I may be able to make room enough to decorate my desk and leave room to once again put my books down. Of course, that will mean cleaning under my desk to properly accommodate my office chair and then sorting out the rabble on top. I feel confident though, I've been in good form lately and just needed the bins to be emptied so I can do a little more tomorrow.

On top of looking at all the lovely Sretsis clothes to be coming in a matter of a few months, I'm also itching to get my hands on my 2012 Rebound diary which features Bambi on the front cover. It's a very typical hipster motif, deer, and it's a shame I can't take any photographs of ones in petting zoos or anything else but here I am stuck on the wrong side of the world to get to delight in little wagging tails, speckled fur coats and sallow thin faces. I probably won't use my diary as often as I'd like but it would be nice to be able to write the odd entry or two. I'm expending a lot of energy in writing online though to be able to write by hand as well.

After seeing photographs of a designer for British label 'Lazy Oaf' having her desk completely covered with pug paraphernalia as well as a team member of a vintage/ indie magazine such as Frankie having her desk space covered in Daschunds I have been left feeling inspired to tidy my desk and make it a place where I can happily work away and have my personality reflected. Unfortunately so far a whole shelf has been taken up by some of my cameras and I have yet to properly sort out the paper litter on top. I am determined to go to university this year and not have my room turn into a tip, it's part of my mild resolution for 2012 you see? I am quite happy just to pour my eyes over deer, bucks and doe until I can properly decide what I want.

With prospects of my career leading to animal work, maybe travel across the world will let me work with some of these elegant creatures. I have always wanted to be able to work with North American species such as squirrels and deer- who knows? Maybe I will follow the path and hear the call of duty to mother Earth. After small thought, I have concluded that the most hipster occupation possible would probably by a deer farmer. I wouldn't mind being greeted by a mob this large sitting to hid their long legs, covered in spots as well as black and white tails of the does and antlers of the bucks.

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