Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dobi Velvet Criss Cross Heel

I accidentally stumbled across these velvet dandies when I was searching for another pair of shoes available on the Opening Ceremony website- possibly one of the greatest online gatherings of expensive and fabulously hipster clothing known to man. While I have been eagerly seeking vintage treasure on Etsy this past week, the variety of shoes within my size is a real letdown and absolutely difficult. So getting to see three colours of these gorgeous velvet cross over shoes with buckles as well made my spirits lift.

From the side profile we can see the gorgeous platform as well as heel of the shoe all decorated in decadent velvet with your choice of black, teal or lilac. Lilac is my favourite colour, but I know if my mother had anything to say about a colour choice she would by the second but deciding vote and make me choose boring, plain-old black. Of course it is difficult to try and choose between these shoes when your minus a few hundred dollars to afford them and they're not really available on the Opening Ceremony website. While they are too good to see on eBay anytime soon, with intense Internet scouring I'm sure I could find another pair somewhere.

While the structure isn't a great deal of important to me (although the rounded toes are quite cute), I find that velvet is one of those gorgeous rare materials and I love the shading quality it gives. There's a variety and spectrum of pink/ purple colours for the shoe above and I suppose it's similar to the Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox shoe collaboration I'll be hanging out for, for the rest of the month. Both would look absolutely stunning when worn with a great dress, I'm thinking black accordion pleats and some frilly socks for added irony.

The teal is probably my least favourite colour variation of the three since there's notably less colour variation within this one shade due to the velvet material and also there's less versatility when wearing teal shoes with an outfit. That's not to detract from their overall design and quirk and if you do favour the shade by all means have your heart set on them; I suppose I'm just a little more captivated when I see shimmering colour due to texture of a material.

I never was a dancer of any sort but I suppose my fascination with ballet style shoes and thick ankle crossing reflects some sort of childhood aspiration towards being feminine. Still, I always felt that there was a stronger male influence in my life at the time when little girls do try to do dancing and was a rather determined tomboy. How things have changed; I now love pink and purple as well as velvet shoes and vintage dresses. I certainly wouldn't have seen that one coming however many years ago it was I was still a ragga muffin.

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