Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Darkness

My long black hair really needs a trim but I always get a little worried about visiting hairdressers and having to bite my tongue if I don't like what they've done and I feel that they've completely massacred my hair. I just wish I could let my hair grown long and free, that it had a nice natural wave to it without having been in a braid for hours and then dipped in the ocean. I've decided what I want to be when I grow up, I would like to be a witch but having reached the age of eighteen I don't think I'll be receiving a letter from Hogwarts to whisk me away. The last few days I've really been loving skulls thanks to Nick Von K's range of jewellery and clamouring to get my hands on some black goods. For example, currently in my web broswer you will find a TR Ensemble dress in black which is a collared maxi dress and reminds me a lot of something Scrooge from a Christmas Carol would wear, a black reproduction cuckoo clock, skull jewellery from Popsie and a black leather wallet from Serpent and the Swan which features a horses head.

As you can see from the evidence I'm in a black mood at the moment- ironically I should be most thankful for the walls of my house all being white to keep everyone cool on this 40 degree Celsius day. Summer stinks when you can't wear black, at least I have a neat stack of books on my desk of the Sci-Fi genre; Harry Potter is in there as well as some of Terry Pratchett's works. I'm sure I'll make a start on them when I can drag myself away from the computer and air-coniditoned lounge room. Another thing that's bumming my out is that I wanted to use the exercise bike in the garage and watch Doctor Who but its still so hot and hasn't cooled down. The last of my laments is that I think the all-powerful dust buster is losing it's suction and that means I have to touch dust to clean my room, yuck.

The great thing about being a witch is that you get to wear black and wear oodles of silver and occult jewellery, you nearly always have a pet companion, usually a cat but a black and furry rabbit will suffice nicely as well. They get to play with lovely sets of glass vials and bottles as well and send messages using owls. My life is really missing some furry friends and letters delivered by owl at the moment.

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