Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daisy Marc Jacobs

I don't know a lot about the scent of Marc Jacob's two perfumes Daisy and Daisy Eau so Fresh but I do love the romantic photo shoots in which the two scents star in. I wish I could know a little of the ingredients but online results only turn up sites where I can buy the perfume- I suppose I'll have to wait for my next birthday or something to receive perfume to keep me smelling lovely and alluring. When I worked as a perfume spritzer girl for Chanel I learned that Marc Jacobs is owned by/ is a division of Calvin Klein but their perfume lines are very different with Marc Jacobs perfume having a younger approach and using more floral tones as well as floral designs for the bottles of their perfume.

The use of long wild hair and pure white dresses reminds me a lot of a poem I studied in Literature, 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' or the beautiful lady without pity as it translates to in English. It's about a woman who ensnares men and her hair was long and her foot was light, and her eyes were wild. I suppose for all we know she well could have existed and at one point she may have danced around with a large perfume bottle in her hands and her eyes closed spinning around a field.

I can't really imagine the Marc Jacobs line of fragrance getting any more feminine, but i was proved wrong with the launch of Eau So Fresh- a pun regarding perfume lines, the term 'eau' preceding either toilette or parfum in distinguishing between the strength of the fragrance. That adds a little more mystery to whether the new and fresh look on the second Daisy scent is stronger or lighter than the first scent of the range.

I've been meaning to wear more perfume and more often so I can collect a few more bottles but I have little occasion to wear perfume and I usually forget. The times I did remember to wear perfume I was single and I guess trying to attract the opposite sex but since I am not in a happy and settled relationship I have a weaker mindset when it comes to fighting for attention. I have a few little bottles of parfum from Chanel as well as a similar small range of perfumes from Estee Lauder that I've failed to make a dint in.

This highly sexualised photograph sort of emphasises the mental link I make with perfume and how it attracts the opposite sex. While I do love the use of the over sized prop bottles in photo shoots for perfumes one can't help but be a little disappointed with their real-sized perfume bottle. It does take a while just to finish a normal bottle of perfume and there is no vanity big enough to fit these monsters but it would be nice to be able to own one, just for the sort of rough photography you could pull off yourself.

When I finally get the chance to meet new people and make friends I should endeavour to wear some new perfumes or at least finish off the bottle of what I used most frequently. I haven't yet properly finished a bottle of perfume, but wearing it when I don't lead much of an exciting life seems like a waste and while I do sometimes think to buy perfume it's only at Christmas time that it sort of enters my mind to do so. I'm more into discovering jewellery and clothing rather than perfume but my current situations prevents me from buying any of the three.

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