Friday, January 20, 2012

A Crochet Eskimo

Despite having lived in this city all my life, the unpredictable weather still gets me; yesterday was perfect picnic weather and just a little on the hot side and today I washugging my arms and trying to bundle up in a thin shirt and jeans. All the while I was thinking how much better my life would be if I had an amazing vintage crochet blanket to wrap around me and something clever to keep out the cold. Yesterday I spotted this gorgeous crochet square coat with a hood and I'm glad I don't own a duffel coat, although that may be more practical and good for keeping out the cold Australian Winter is never that harsh and I need something cute to brighten up my day when it's grey outside.

I was captivated by this pose of the arms out at the side as well as the hood pulled up and all buttons done up, there's three red buttons and one pink button but that quirk only makes me covet this piece more! I love the predominant white colour as well as the thick squares all together- I'd love to wear something this dorky and garish to my local library while wearing some fake glasses. I think I might get some lovely and even appreciable reactions there.

Even unbuttoned there's a certain charm about the crochet squares pulled together and how this creates a rough scalloped edge around the hem and sleeves. A basic black shirt underneath as well as denim shorts is a nice way to wear such a bold and colourful coat but at the same time the Mary Jane platforms and brightly coloured tights show off a attention-grabbing side to this piece as well. Things could only be better if I managed to make myself a coat in this style but since that won't happen for another couple of years I'll happily pay the cost of it when I scrap together some more cash.

I firmly believe my life will be complete when I can wear thiscoat around with pride and not care about being judged with my plastic rosary necklaces in pink and purple. I love vintage clothing but hate that they've been popularised so much the price tag has been driven up so marginally. Just you wait till I have a proper job- then we'll see who's fashionable! If only a library would hire me, then maybe my life would be complete and I wouldn't have to wear a uniform and I could be zany and interesting and not have to talk to people in low hushed voices and enjoy wearing crochet coats and fake glasses.


  1. That's awesome! I don't think I would have the patience to put one of those together. Wow!

  2. This is rad! What fun!

  3. Is that about 104 5" granny squares?