Saturday, January 21, 2012

Combat Boots and Creepers

Now that I'm free of wearing school uniform I'll probably never subject myself to the torture of wearing a school uniform unless I plan on doing something weird and/or shady. Still, it would have been nice to be different and buy Dr Martens brand Mary Jane t-bars instead of the generic brand everyone else wears and maybe some frilly socks from American Apparel. Instead I choose and made the informed decision of being like every other girl in my year level and a little on the mediocre side. Well let me tell you, that's not going to happen this year, instead I have plenty of wonderful outfit posts planned which I'll try out tomorrow and dress reasonably well in vintage and new clothing alike.

When I can avoid my feet sweating and creating small puddles in my own boots, I'll be brave and once more wear my own pair of black Dr Martens in black leather and embossed in a floral motif. I don't own anything as colourful and eye-catching as the floral boots you see above but they are typically the most expensive of the British company's boots and also the most artistic in my opinion. How often do you see such great detail and painterly lengths on something that isn't a pair of vintage combat boots? New Zealand model Zippora Seven favours this design because the feminine floral design softens the style of combat boots. Perhaps for added irony a camouflage shirt worn over a feminine blouse could be worn?

Although I do quite like the neat and folded buds of these fakeroses I'm not quite up to decorating my plain Dr Martens in such a manner. As pretty as it is, it's simply not practical and this year I'm going to need to be practical to survive this new chapter in my life.

Never before have I attempted to DIY stud something, let alone a pair of shoes or leather jacket. Maybe to set myself on the path of becoming a DIY expert and start on 'training wheels' as it were, I could stud a pair of thick woolen socks to wear with a pair of Vans sake shoes or some creepers for extra grunge effect.


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  2. What are the shoes in the 3rd picture (going up from the bottom) as i really like them ^_^