Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chloe Pre-Fall 2012

Since I live in Melbourne, the city that inspired the Crowded House hit, 'Four Seasons One Day' today I could really use with a little rugging up and a nice big coat of scarf to snuggling into. While I was previously pining over one of my boyfriend's jumpers, perhaps something a bit more stylish such as the new Chloe Pre-Fall collection for 2012 is just what the doctor ordered. However, this is just a sneak preview of what is to come and what goodies we can enjoy. Unfortunately since I'm in the Southern Hemisphere a lot of the most famous fashion houses host their runway collections in the opposite season and everything is topsy turvy. If living in this city with its messed up weather has taught me is that when it gets cold, layering is an art and the large coats of the Chloe collection would be a wonderful thing to take shelter in when its turns cold and there's a bitter chill in the air. 
While the colour pallet is seeming subdued I do like the structure and puffed out jackets shown best by these side-profile photographs. There's also a bit more of an emphasise on the patterns, woolen materials and deep pockets to shield your hands from the cold and eliminating a need for gloves. I'm interested to know whether the high neck collar and tight sleeve around the wrist are from a blouse underneath of the coat itself- a high neck which is snug fro a coat would also be a lovely addition in the garment design to keep warm. This white and patterned coat would look very good with a chain scarf knitted from Yookoo and her online Etsy store.

Even bigger and cosier than the predeceasing white jumper is this large and patterned coat featuring white and light brown. The contrast against the dark hair of the model has got me sold and you could easily team this piece up with a slick pair of riding pants from American Apparel or neat pleated slacks. The colour is quite different from the Central Business District attire in Melbourne where the dress code is black all year round. I'll definitely be hanging out to see the price tag of this gorgeous coat- I may even get it before my trip to Canada at the start of 2013.

It's a hard task to find a leather skirt that isn't tight-fitting but I love the combination of one of the seasons' hottest trends, pleats and thick leather. With a high-waisted skirt, large pleats and a hem that ends at the knee you get some sensational folds and pleating. It really shows off the gorgeous tan coloured leather and the use of leather mid-calf black boots doesn't take a lot of emphasise away from the skirt but still manages to channel a cool and chic cowboy look.

I love the structure of these herringbone printed pants- their a loose combination of harem style and flairs with a gathered hem that fans out at the ankles. While it engulfs the ankles and prevents your shoes from being seen you have to be careful to make sure it doesn't skim the ground and wear and tare as you walk. Maybe something suitable for sitting in the front row of a fashion runway show; I bet Alexa Chung could team up a Mulberry bag and a cute vintage looking blouse to get the full school girl charm going.

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