Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chloé Ballet Slippers

I never had the drive to be a dancer and I bet if I had actually bother to try I would have made a damn fool of myself or my mother would have intervened and made me quit 'for not practicing enough' or some other bullshit like that. That doesn't mean that I don't find the style alluring, oh contra I do love the tight little buns as well as the prissy tutus and the ballet shoes. Fortunately for someone as lazy I, Chloé have nailed the ballet style and truly made a pair of ballet flats. They're murder to try and find online on a site as vague as eBay but I proudly present metallic gold as well as black flats from Chloé with thick straps around the ankles and the perfectly moulded and rounded toes.

The last pair of expensive ballet flats I bought ended up getting trashed in the rain because I loved them so much and wore them no matter what the whether was like outside! The metallic finish ballet flats seem to have something precious suggested about them in their colour and structure and I would love to see these worn with an airy vintage dress full of pleats and maybe rose gold jewellery. That's just my personal preference at the moment though and I'm sure in a matter of hours I'll think of something else to style them with. As much as I do love their structure for their simple design as well as the mastery of the traditional ballet style shoes, $450 dollars for a pair of flats as nice as they are is a bit steep for me. 

I really love the placement of the thick elastic straps, you really won't fall out of these shoes easily and the chic little support pouch just under your foot is a nice place to sneak in some advertising and self-promotion. If I were to get a pair, I would stick to plain black and leave it open to style with but at the moment I really need to save my money and also treat myself to fashion pieces as sparingly as I can.

I'm tossing up between Charlotte Olympia flats or maybe even their kitty heels as well as these beautiful ballet flats but I know I really shouldn't buy anymore footwear. For university I should embrace the poor student mindset and set money aside to travel and move out of my parents house- besides I have a pair of surviving Vans as well as some new cheap flats that will do fine in a loafer style.

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