Friday, January 6, 2012

Chains of Love Skull Necklaces

Seeking to unleash your inner Mexican? Or maybe you're just a fan of skulls and gory little pieces of jewellery. In that style and tradition of chains of many little skulls with attached dangling bits and crosses comes some of these featured pieces from a brand called Chains of Love which I found as a brand stocked by the Amelie Boutique. It reminds me of some of the necklaces in collaboration with Opening Ceremony but at a more favourable price as well as a brand called Popsie but there seems to be more definition on these skulls with thicker set empty eye sockets, more detail on each of the mad grinning teeth and wilder colours. For example, I've gone gaga over these lovely turquoise coloured skull earrings with dangling wooden crosses. Perfect for those of us with smaller ear lobes and could stand to feel the weight dragging them down a little.

Although each necklace is sold individually, I dare say it would be very worthwhile in investing in two of these gorgeous necklaces for a layered effect. Because of the different lengths of chains and amount of necklaces between the two variations shown above, you can double your pleasure with white as well as brown necklaces each attached to dangling Egyptians ankhs in silver. A lot of the pieces on the Amelie Boutique website are also on sale- the brown necklace pictured has been marked down from £55.00 to £38.00. The only down side I can see to this lovely piece is that the skulls in brown means there's less detail on each of these little skull faces to enjoy- what a pity.

From this close-up we can see all the gory details of each skull- from there large and expansive empty eye sockets to the intentional cracks in the paint and even the slits of the nostrils which seem to remind me a lot of snake. It's hard to decide but I do think that my favourite coloured skulls would have to be a tie between cream pictured above and purple. I'm a sucker for all things purple but the minimalist white skull necklace without dangling chains and charms would go well with a colourful blouse and instantly add some Mexican chic to an outfit.

I just wish the extra long x-boyfriend skull necklace by Chains of Love shown here was a part of their selection of pieces on sale, alas it's the usual £50.00 for this piece but on the plus side your chain is real silver and a length of 25 inches which includes fifteen miniature and friendly looking skulls. I don't even care that Halloween isn't a largely undertaken holiday event in Australia. With this necklace, everyday is Halloween!

For a larger statement and to draw attention to your neckline and other regions unknown, layer two of these necklaces, wear with a chic blouse and if necessary a big and bold faux fur jacket such as cheetah fur or dyed blue. Bake in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius for twenty minutes and cool over an open-window-sill and collect complements for wild style as well as pretty jewellery. To prevent one necklace from sliding away from another, attach one clasp to another to prevent the two pieces from layering unevenly. Don't stop there either, I'm sure small and dainty cameos would add a touch of class to an otherwise spooky ensemble.
While all the necklaces are lovely I may save my money in the meantime of invest in a similarly designed piece- I've spotted some beaded bracelets in the same design with a single skull which are just a little more appealing towards me although this shade of purple is very much to my liking. Some skulls seem a little brighter than others and I like that one of a kind feel about them. My personal pick is this shorter necklace featuring fewer skulls but a price tag of £28.00, a lot cheaper than the large cream necklace and the swords hanging below each skull are rather nice too. I'm sure I'll pick up one of these items sooner or later but for now I'll just wait for all my purchases to come in from online shopping.

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