Monday, January 9, 2012

By Monday I have Satchels on my Mind

To appease the bag-loving demon which seems to have possessed me I tried to do a paper round in my local area but when told it would take about 1.5 hours, I didn't expect it to take 6 so I'm chucking it in! My motivation for the whole ordeal was reminding myself of all the lovely bags I can still buy with 50% off when my Pos card is still active as well as the Deadly Ponies line which I'm stalking all over the Internet. I found some lovely vintage finds from a store- but I need to save a little money too to appease mother. At the moment I'm all over vintage especially leather satchels and since I can't afford the Cambridge Satchel company satchels I'll get my hands on the bags and book bags we have in store at the store I work at. They're all so lovely, I wish Thursday would come already and I could collect my pay!

While I know I should stick to simple brown leather I can't help my mind from wandering  to other main colours with trims of leather on the side such as this green satchel above. I like the vintage element amongst all the casual clothing- kept alive with the clasps of the satchel as well as black sheer tights. I'm looking for something with a little more width and size to in in preparation for university- while I'm not an art student and don't have to struggle with a large black folio to carry around I always feel better knowing there's a lot of space available for me to write and carry books. Mother really wants me to get a laptop since I type 'like a speed demon'. Ta mum.
While I know the feature is something I probably won't prescribe to using, I love seeing the top handle included on a cute little satchel. It adds a little more character to a piece and reminds me of businessman briskly walking towards train stations as well as kissing their wives on the cheek before heading off into the 9-5 grind that will surely crush their souls and make them feel dead on the inside. While all that imagery I have painted for you is a little morbid, I guess it makes me nostalgic and feel like I'm playing dress-ups like when I was a little girl.

The best finishing touch for a satchel would be a little golden clasp all shiny and bright like the one pictured but it seems that satchels with two dangling straps are all the rage at the moment. Still, I have faith in the treasure trove of vintage and if I can't find a lovely piece cheap I know of plenty of sites that resell vintage gems at a price.

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  1. If you like satchels, check our, loads of colours, not too pricey :)