Friday, January 6, 2012

Bowler Hats

A cute way to add boyfriend style to an outfit is with a bowler hat- a popular hat you will most likely recognise from old timey films of rich white people barracking and yelling at significant horse races and trying to increase their wealth via the proverbial short-cut. I have one myself but even when I find some hats a rather uncomfortable and snug fit, the one I had purchase in Ballarat, a place in Victoria made to entertain by recreating the time of the gold rush, is too large or my head. I like the neat rolls of this bowler hat pictured above as well as the long and textured locks falling like a waterfall out from underneath the hat.

Bowler hats are quite the dapper topper for any respectable hipster, top if off with a pair of cute brogues/ winklepickers and maybe an umbrella too. The finishing touch to this look would be a spring in your step and you would considered to be quite the fine dandy- even if you were a girl. A cute and flirty floral skirt would add a feminine touch amongst all the manly accessories.
I love the mood of the photograph above- off the top of my head she's wearing Baroque platform wedges by Prada in their S/S11 collection, a long maxi skirt in vertical black and white stripes which reminds me of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice and a bowler hat decorated in large pink flowers. I love the showy nature of the large red and white flowers peeking out over the brim of the hat as well as the orange parasol and slumping posture of the model. Guessing by the ringlets of soft pink hair I would guess this is Charlotte Free- looking like a modern, 21st century take on Alice in Wonderland off to a new-fangled tea party.

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