Monday, January 2, 2012

Boater Hats

With all the vintage beaded collars and leather satchels, it's a wonder I didn't publish a post talking about straw crafted boater hats sooner. Their synonymous with school girl charm and a great way to keep the heat at bay and protect your skin from the harsh sun. My mother is continually lecturing both my older brother and myself on the danger and damage the sun can cause- what better way to be sun smart with style? I've also got on my mind the floppy felt style hats with a typically larger brim to wear this summer, although I have already found out that the best combination would be something with slender straps and not a t-shirt.

Boater's have been around for years now- rather than buying myself a straw hat maybe I could splash out and buy a pair of vintage earrings in their image? There's one or two lying about the house that I can remember being around ever since I was small, sometimes when going on picnics I'll bring one of the classics with rounded top half and an ancient paisley ribbon tied around the middle. When I brought a straw hat on my way to a tour of central Australia, it progressively grew a hole at the top- on the bright side with this cute little gold clip-on earrings they won't be getting any holes in them for a while. Just weary as to the comparison between large earrings and my small lobes...

I had been hoping to get on over to the beach sometime after schoolies in the new year but it looks like there's been a spanner thrown into the works... that is, that I have little motivation to leave the safety and comfort of my air-conditioned lounge room and I have no one to go with. I really hadn't anticipated the second problem, but that's life for you. I never have been much of a beach-goer in the past anyway, why change that now?

I've been mad about vintage for the last few years, progressing gently from the 80s and wild neon colours to gentle florals and collared dresses. I've also been lusting over vintage velvet arm chairs and wing backed chairs but I do hope that phase comes into play a little later in my life. For now I'm just happy looking over photographs of a new generation who cherishes the old vintage treasures of a bygone era passed down to us from local second hand shops hiding a hoard of clothing and hats.

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