Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've been splashing out on luxury items for the past few days, burning up nearly half of my fat pay-check after working in the pre-Christmas season but it seems that my prays have been answered and I will now be delivering catalogues once a week in my local area. Laugh all you want, for it's not glamorous and in no way something to brag about but at the moment I'm so desperate to take on any job I'm willing to do it. Anything that brings me closer to getting to own gorgeous and shiny things isn't all that bad- and now I'll have something that forces me to get some fresh air and a little exercise, walking just under two kilometres for each round. I could be able to get something pretty from this post such as a frenzy of sequins attached to a little clutch or some very thick and gorgeous gold rings.

I love the romantictone of the lighting of this photograph as well as the sheer blouse- which reminds me that I have a lovely American Apparel blouse heading my way soon when my Paypal clears through. I don't have a mirrored disco ball to hold in front of my face but I have danced on floors where the shimmering lights bathe the interior.

I wish I could have bought a plain black gem and gold metal Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring when I had the chance- I don't really like any of the colours that I've seen and the two designs I have fallen in love with are very elusive on the online market. That is this black beauty and a purple and pink glass arty ring. While I could always go for broke and get a cheap knock-off and there are plenty I take pride in wearing good brands and not ripping off original and ingenuity in designs. It may take a while for another lovely looking ring to come online or on eBay but with a little extra pocket money I'll be able to save for it now and pounce on the opportunity when it eventuates.

While all good colours of the YSL arty oval ring seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet, I may indulge myself in a dotty arty ring such as the one shown above. The white dots in glass embedded in a gold ring seems to go with any ensemble and seems especially sweet and pretty with this punk but tough ensemble. It must be the added studs. While I can't afford the best of glamorous gold items now I'm sure with a few more eBay listings under my belt and my paper round I'll get around to it and save some money to keep my mother at ease.

A final way to add glamour to an outfit or photograph is the careful and judicious application of make up such as Denni from the Chicmuse wearing shimmering and golden eyeshadow and sporting red lipstick. I've got my eye on a few vintage Chanel choker necklaces as well as pieces from Claire Inc., but for now all that will have to be on hold till I can get a little more money behind me as well as cleaning my room and starting university. There's so much to look forward to this year and the fashion is a rather large aspect I eagerly anticipate.

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