Friday, January 6, 2012

Black Mood

I'm not in my usual dark and mysterious, black-magic-loving mood but I still can't help but sort out some of my favourite images conveying a mystical mood. I am attracted to the notion of shutting myself away in my room, burning a scented candle and reading 'The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy' but after being in a frenzied shirt for my work shirt as well as my wallet, I turned the place upside down and into another mess so that's a no-go zone for the next few days till I have motivation to clean and fold clothes once again. So although I'm off my usual mood of loving black and have been buying colourful things as of late, I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to create some of my own magical photographs by using a shattered lens cap to create warped images such as this. Since Kodak is on the verge of delcaring bankrupcy I find myself moving towards creating photographs that can't be created using a digital camera in a sort of vendetta against the digital age.

Another mystical tool I'm longing to decorate my room with is a lovely set of healing chakra crystals- sat on top of a desk or wardrobe but first I have to wait to get the guts to clean all the dust away. Still, it may be a worthwhile endeavour to see the different shards and spectrum of colours sealed within the walls of these darkly coloured crystals. The hexagonal points lets the light bounce off in all manner of wonderful ways but it also looks a bit like jelly too.

As well as updating my room I'd love to update my hair but I'm also wary of the way everyone around me would take to it! I don't have the pale complexion and blue eyes of this lucky girls to be able to wear soft pink hair, my nose is a little too broad and features aren't all that delicate. The only thing I've managed to start off this year is shaping my eyebrows in the way I want- I still don't know whether I'll dip dye my hair... I'm happy just to admire others who have taken the plunge and accepted the commitment.

While I am in a bit of a colour-loving mood, I still want to get my hands on some creepers. Currently my staff-discount is a ticking-time-bomb waiting to expire so I'm hoping to get everything I can out of my retail experience before it all comes to an end. Unfortunately my manager had no information that was of use as to whether I'll be kept on or anyone else being kept on, when my discount ends and when I have to hand in my keycard. Maybe I'll be able to get a few good book bags, satchels and a pair of black shoes in creepers style before it all comes to an unholy end.

I haven't totally abandoned my love of dark magic, I really want a Nick Von K necklace of a cow skull which comes in brass and sterling silver. While I would never be allowed to display a real cow skull in my necklace my mother can't put up too much of a fuss if I were to wear a smaller one around my neck. It would look fantastic against a black plain dress and I also wouldn't mind seeing the colours of the metal clashing with a vintage, floral patterened dress. I have now given up on buying a cheaper and smaller cow necklace skull from one of my local shops, instead I've got my eyes on the lovely creations from Nick Von K and his four collections.

Despite hitting the middle of Summer, wearing black patterned tights won't go out of style for a while- I should invest in a few pairs of myself. I'm thinking of getting dotted tights as well as tights dotted with hearts. I have no idea as to what brands are good and bad and I don't exactly like buying non-branded stuff from eBay so maybe I'll just stick to hunting around Myer's ladies accessory department.

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