Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Black is Back

Wearing: Billionaire Boys Club Varsity Jacket, Cotton on black skirt, Kenji Heels and Tokito black camisole.

Summer is usually too hot to even think of wearing jackets, but lucky for me I live in Melbourne where the weather changes as easily as a person infected with bi-polar tendencies. Today the monthly totals for my blog have in come in: at 29,998 a mere two views short of my goal. So I'm in a bit of a black mood but I'm also constructive today and put together a quick outfit of my varsity jacket with ice cream motifs and the new heels I bought this afternoon! 

Wearing: (From Top to Bottom) Black Najo Coin Ring, Woodford & Co Coin Ring, Stolen Girlfriends Club Bow Ring and Silver Wave Ring from Prouds Jewellers.

As I was just about to get into bed last night I decided to put on some of my favourite silver rings at the moment and show off my newest ring, pictured on my pointing finger. I love bows and this one is perfect, I'll definitely be saving to buy the gold plated version of this ring next from Good As Gold.

I have a big obsession with gorgeous statement and unusual rings but when I wear them out I would never wear two rings next to each other; it risks them scratching each other and they get worn enough as it is. Last Summer I even got a ring tan line from a feather shaped wrap ring but I've misplaced it somewhere in my house at the moment... to ease the pain I've bought two new rings within two months. That would be the rings on my pointer and ring fingers. I'm also expecting an Yves Saint Laurent ring with a pink stone and might even be tempted to get another black one of the same design... also some great pieces on Etsy. I really need to control my eyes when it comes to ogling gorgeous jewellery.

I caved when I saw these gorgeous heels for a second time- over a month ago when I was working as a Christmas casual but at the time I couldn't afford them. They reminded me so much of some vintage heels from Moschino with the same gold detail band on the heel and suede material but they're a lot higher than the original Moschino heels. They're also really comfortable to talk in and stylish too. I'll have to invest in some show spray to keep the suede safe in case of rain but I still need practice when it comes to walking in heels.

Strange that I've managed to create a vignette effect with my DSLR camera but still, that's something great about the kooky lighting in the hallway! I really love this jacket but since the sleeves are vinyl they can make some weird crinkly noises at the most inappropriate of situations. There's very small Japanese warriors on the press buttons and I love black jackets. The small red sleeves and collar add a splash of colour and so do the small badges on the sides of the arms.

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