Sunday, January 15, 2012

Björk Swan Dress

I know Halloween is quite a while away and I've never been one of those girls that has been invited to lots of outrageous costume parties but if by some minor miracle I fell in good favour with popular people for once I would love to try and make my own Björk Swan Dress. The design is simple enough, a tutu skirt or petticoat skirt from American Apparel in white over a nude blouse or camisole, a white feather boa and then chopping off the head of a toy swan for the end and voila! You have given birth to an arty and iconic costume.

I don't know what really possessed me to think like this, must be my hormonal state and my affinity for feminine and frilly things. It had also occurred to me that while I knew Björk was an Icelandic star and singer, I had no idea what she looked like or what that infamous dress looked like either. While it may not be red carpet worthy for many celebrities, it looked a lot worse in my imagination and the swan head isn't all that bad. At least she had the good sense to cover up her body in tights as well as sheer body suit with sparkles on it unlike some of the classless tramps you see passed off as pop stars these days. If you're wondering who my fiery words of distaste and anger are aimed at, I never have, and never will respect Nicki Minaj.

Seeing other women before me making their Björk fantasy come to life has gotten my fired up and realising that DIY isn't that hard or uncommon- no matter how unorthodox the inspiration is. The three photographs of home-made swan dresses are kitschy and cute and I really do hope I have an excuse to wear such a dress in my lifetime... if not I can always live precariously through my daughter. I hope for my sake that my daughter is cool; I have decided that I want two now so their middle names can be Octavia and Olympia. I am going to be the worst mother you can imagine, but before that dream is realised it appears I will be the worst party guest imaginable. 

It seems that if you're skirt is fluffy enough and there is enough tulle, you can easily add the head of your swan at the top of your dress, though I'm a little unsure where you can buy large swan toys in the first place. Perhaps you can make it out of a fluffy white sock and sew together your own beak and head; the design doesn't have to be too complicated and I doubt many people will take much notice to your feathered friend. Just to pass judgement unceremoniously, I like the red beaked swan the best.

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