Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bird Brain

Birds and I have a long rich history together, mainly how they sort of terrorize me despite their little size and me being afraid of them. I mean sure, I've been swooped before and that was more annoying than anything but their dried out tongues sometimes freak me out a little. Not very good when you want to be a veterinarian I suppose. Still, I do quite like the use of birds in design such as their silhouette in a print repeated on silk of even their claws being used in jewellery whether they are clasping your wrist or a small gem as a ring. The combination of the two elements in this single outfit was rather ingenious though, I tip my cap to however put this together.
At the shop I work at a girl had a tattoo of silhouette birds; it had a softer tone to it and less detail on the wings. There wasn't the finely sketched out feather though and I have seen this motif before but I do like the way this single photograph shows three shots of the flying birds from a single tattoo. It's probably the best artistic execution I have seen. Seeing something like this really put my faith back into tattoos as a platform of art, each bird is different and has a unique position springing from the top of the feather and every fibre has been meticulously drawn onto the skin with care. Whoever did this must be a master of their art form.

Never before have I seen birds such as these but I'd love to know the species or at least be able to get a good look at the mixture of colours on the birds. There's something very picturesque about the way they travel in large crowds as well as the poise of the neck, the striking black tipped and yellow beak as well as the brighter and darker breast of the bird. I'm sure if taken on by the appropriate fashion label a digital print of this image on a silk dress along the hem of a long maxi dress could be a runaway success.

As well as the bird silhouette blazer in a khaki colour, silver bangle featuring a gnarled bird's claw like something out of Edgar Allen Poe's poem 'The Raven' there's a tiny bird skull necklace thrown in as well? I love the empty eye sockets used to thread through the necklace chain and the side profile which shows off this tiny feature in design. While I love everything about the coordination of this outfit I do hope that these pieces were worn more than once and not specially bought for this single shot. It looks like something from a magazine but it's distinctly missing the ghostly pale writing in the corner of the designer pieces and their price tags.

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