Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It will be a while before I am actually able to study animals and animal diseased but still I'm looking forward to all the things I have in store this year. After having packed so much study into 2011 it feels weird to sleep in, not have to worry about money so much as well as sleepless nights and no study. The only stimulating things I've tried today are blogging as well as cleaning a little bit of my room and moving a very heavy but small book shelf. I'm not worried about studying symptoms of a sick animal, just making sure that I diagnose them properly and give them the right treatment. Hopefully, if I stay on the right path, it will be years before I have to worry about that though.

I'm really keen to study animal behaviour as well, though they are different there's always some sort of animal hierachy which sort of prooves that it's an intrinsic part of human behaviour as well. All those cliche says 'survival of the fittest' and stuff only reinforces brutish behaviour like bullying and asserting yourself as being better than others. This is why I pretty much believe Communism, while sounding nice on paper can never be properly executed. It's built into our DNA really.

Speaking of animal behaviour, it's always so interesting and fascinating to see unusual pairings of animals that span across genus groups such as this albino rabbit which appears to be grooming this fawn. I could be wrong though, the nose sinked in to the fur above the ear could be biting but the posture is all wrong for the rabbit to be agressive. Besides, the deer seems at ease with his fluffy little friend.

I'm looking forward to travelling overseas in early 2013, maybe I'll be able to happen upon some lovely picturesque deer staring about at the horizon. It will just be nice to be able to see things that are rare and unseen in my country, I feel so tired of everything I know I want things to be different and I'd also like to be comfortable when I sleep at night. These bloody mosquitos are going to be the death of me, and if they aren't then I'll simply drop dead from not enough sleep.

I don't care if it is a domesticated fawn or a cheap plastic lawn ornament, whatever the case whoever managed to get so close to a deer using an analogue camera which vignettes at the corners (most likely a plastic lens and plastic body) camera should be congratulated. Maybe not so much if it is a lawn ornament but it has a furry quality about it so they have found a very good and convincing plastic statue with a cute little fluffy tail.

While becoming a veterinarian isn't all about caring for baby animals and will involved tough decisions, nevre-wrakcing surgery as well as heart ache I can look after cute little sweethears such as this baby fawn! I love the tufts on his back as well as speckled pacthes of fur and the extra large ears sitting on his head.

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