Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ballet High Heels

Before I found the ballet style flats with ankle straps from Chloe I also spotted these high heeled shoes with rounded toes and the same sort of ankle strapping mimicking a ballerina. Unfortunately they're much too small for my feet and are a size 6.5, so while they are more affordable than the Chloe slippers and unique one-of-a-kind vintage shoes they just won't do. It's a shame really, they have been growing on me and the heel seems to be such good for support- I don't wear heels often enough and need a little more extra support to wear them confidently.

I love this profile of the rounded too and sneakily hiding the heels at the back of the shoe- while I can't snap up these ill-fitting babies I can choose whatever size I like and out of three colours for Chloe ballet slippers without heel. I just wish they didn't cost nearly $300 though, having good taste and no job is a very painful combination.

Since I have no upcoming parties or functions to attend to I guess the shoes can wait but I do have coming parcels in the mail including a necklace from 'This is Make Believe' of ornamental red roses made of resin, a bow ring from Stolen Girlfriends Club made of silver and a Deadly Ponies Mr Lure in peacock. Once all my goodies arrive in the mail the urge to buy things should pass for a little bit but by that time I'll have refereed six games of basketball three games straight and celebrated Chinese new Year! This year we'll be ringing in the year of the Dragon and both my father and brother were born in that year so I suppose I should wear an outfit that seems fiery and fierce. I will be missing some scales though- I don't really have a fondness for animal skin including zebra, snakeskin and ostrich but I'm impartial to leopard and cheetah imitation print.

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